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Robyn Danger
March 2010
Released: 2009, Stormspell Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

They call Robyn Danger the American answer to Doro Pesch and her days in Warlock. Also originally Seattle-based hard rockin´ semi-legends Heart have been compared to Robyn Danger that kept their home in Sunnyvale, California, between 1982-90 - releasing 3 cassette EPs and 1 demo during their almost 10 years of existence (which most of them were sold locally via their own label Danger Records).

Although having never really cared for Heart (just a teeny-weeny too soft stuff for me), I can understand and subscribe at least to Warlock´s influence in their sound. Robyn Danger has quite a lot in common with Doro vocally (excluding Doro´s cute sounding German ascent, of course), her voice sounding in a sweet way hoarse and kinda sexy even. The music is a blend of rock and hard rock basically, having some ear-catching elements here and there that can even somewhat easily get stuck in your skull momentarily if you just can actually concentrate on listening to their stuff rather than leaving it for some sort of background music for your other night-time activities (nothing wrong with that either though). A fair amount of this kind of stuff was produced back in the 80s - and Robyn Danger makes no exception to this rule, bringing back that precious feel and spirit of the 80s rock and hard rock with their songs.

This is pretty good for what it is, and I believe all those people who feel at home with this type of hard rocking stuff, can surely appreciate and get excited enough with what Robyn Danger created back in the day. Just wished I could have appreciated them more than I eventually did when finishing listening to this collection CD of the band´s past recordings.
Track Listing

01. Scream (Your Lungs Out)*
02. Dreamstate*
03. Payback's a Bitch*
04. Too Far Gone*
05. Nasty Lady**
06. Counter Attack**
07. Murder Breeds Murder**
08. I'm Running**
09. Grab a Hold and Pull**
10. Night Porter**
11. Master of Discipline**
12. Winds of Change**
13. You Don't Own Me***
14. Tears in the Rain***
15. Full Load***
16. Burning Heaven***
17. Time Will Tell***


1-4 from SCREAM YOUR LUNGS OUT (1985)
5-8 from NASTY LADY (1988)
9-12 from GRAB HOLD... AND PULL!! (1990)
13-17 from TIME WILL TELL (1992)


Robyn Danger - Vocals
Rich Cedillo - Guitar on*
Ron DeSilva - Guitar on**
Steven Dye - Guitar on***
Bruce Sedlacek - Bass
Pete Larriew - Drums on*
Doug Teixeira - Drums on**
Mike Leis - Drums on***
Scott Evers - Keyboards on***

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