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Rob Rock
The Voice of Melodic Metal - Live in Atlanta
November 2009
Released: 2009, AFM
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

'The Voice of Melodic Metal' thing seems a bit misplaced given that few people really know of this guy. There's a host of other bands, bigger than any of Rob Rock's projects, with singers that couldn't get away with such a moniker either. Let's not even mention the Glenn Hughes, James Labries, Hansi Kurschs, or Ralf Scheepers. Still, Rob Rock is a great vocalist, if not a master of the Power/Prog style, and a good number of his projects have received critical acclaim, but little commercial success.

LIVE IN ATLANTA features songs from Rob's solo records. A nice selection of tunes, all meant to show his vocal prowess, he hits the high notes perfectly, sticks the vibrato, and even sounds good in the lower registers, where he always seemed somewhat weaker when compared to his strength in the higher ends. 'This Time is The Last Time', 'Saviors Call', and 'In the Night' are standouts, featuring all the elements of a perfect Melodic Metal voice, piercing screams and great timing, always right in the pocket.

Complete with an ode to Metal, 'Metal Breed', however awesome a voice, whatever Mr. Rock does with his solo stuff, it still comes off as formulaic. Creatively, we have standard American Power Metal that ultimately goes nowhere, rife with Metal cliches, sort of like a very bland Dio. 'The Voice of Melodic Metal' (which sounds like something penned by some over the top Euro critic), just may challenge as the genre's greatest vocalist, however the songs are weak, stewed by the same old recipe.
Track Listing

01. Garden Of Chaos
02. First Winds Of The End Of Time
03. Rock The Earth
04. In The Night
05. Slayer Of Souls
06. Judgment Day
07. Only A Matter Of Time
08. This Time Is The Last Time
09. Savior's Call
10. Metal Breed
11. I'm A Warrior


Tracy Shell - Drums
CJ Grimmark - Guitar
Andreas Olsson Passmark - Bass
Peter Halgren - Guitar
Rob Rock – Vocals


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