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Rob Rock
Garden of Chaos
November 2007
Released: 2007, AFM Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Singer Rob Rock is back with a brand new studio album. His last effort was released a couple of years ago with the title HOLY HELL. This album is probably the most aggressive one he’s done to date. It’s stuffed with mean traditional heavy/power metal. Rock shows a very dynamic vocal register which includes a lot of feeling. The tempo has been driven up a notch in comparison to the previous albums, and despite the heaviness, Rock hasn’t left out the most important thing in his music – the melodies.

The music is delivered from some very skilled musicians and it’s raw, mean and intense. Keyboards are used even though there’s nobody credited with them. The young guitar hero Gus G. contributes a dazzling guitar solo in the title song. You easily remember the songs and they’re really catchy. Rock really lifts the album up with his voice and on this album I think he really proves that he’s one of the great singers in this genre.

The material feels really consistent and the peaks far outweigh the slumps. This is how ass-kicking heavy/power metal should sound. The melodic touch adds more flavor to the otherwise-tasty dish Rock serves us. When it comes to the production there’s absolutely nothing negative to say; it’s raw, spacious and energetic. The rhythm section is really tight and hard hitting as well.

GARDEN OF CHAOS is an album that’s close to perfection. All fans of Rob Rock are gonna welcome this album with open arms. I also think it’s gonna appeal to fans of power metal/ heavy metal and maybe even melodic metal fans as well. If you’re fast you can buy the limited edition that includes a bonus track.

Killer tracks “Garden of Chaos”, “Satan’s Playground”, “Saviors Call”, “This is the Last Time”, “Only a Matter of Time”, “Metal Breed” and “Unconditional”.
Track Listing

1. Garden of Chaos
2. Satan’s Playground
3. Saviors Call
4. This Time It’s the Last Time
5. Only a Matter of Time
6. Spirit in the Sky
7. Metal Breed
8. Millennial reign
9. Unconditional
10. Ode to Alexander


Rob Rock – lead vocals
CJ Grimmark – guitar
Andreas Olsson – bass
Andreas Johansson – drums


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Rob Rock
Garden of Chaos
March 2008
Released: 2007, Candlelight USA
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Rob Rock`s career is a storied one – most metal fans have heard his voice, even if they don`t know who it is. Dating back to the early `80s, Rob has been a part of a laundry list of famous metal groups and projects, whether it be Impellitteri, Warrior, Axel Rudi Pell, or M.A.R.S. (to name a few). His vocals are consistently the highlight of whatever album he`s a part of. Starting in 2000, Rob formed his own band. Their debut, RAGE OF CREATION, is still one of my favourite melodic metal records of the past 15 years or so. Unfortunately, I`d lost track of Rob`s work since then, missing out on his two subsequent releases. Therefore it was with great anticipation that I put GARDEN OF CHAOS into the player.

Simply put, GARDEN OF CHAOS delivers exactly what Rob Rock fans want: searing melodic metal with catchy melodies, with enough heft to be a worthy headbang. Top if off with Rob`s superlative vocals and you`ve got an easy winner. This time out Rob has an entirely new band at his disposal, comprised of members of power metal groups Wisdom Call and Narnia. Their experience shines through, as each song is a clinic of shiny-smooth heavy metal.

Most of the album maintains the heaviness, with the especially crunchy songs being the best: ``Savior`s Call”, “Only a Matter of Time”, and album highlight “Millenial Reign”. This last track in particular features an amazing vocal from Rob himself. All of this sounds like it adds up to the near-perfect metal album, but I have to dock a point for two dull, uninspired ballads – “Unconditional”, and “Ode to Alexander”.

Really, GARDEN OF CHAOS is simply another in a long line of great Rob Rock albums. If you`re a fan at all of melodic metal/power metal, definitely check this out.
Track Listing

1) Garden of Chaos
2) Satan’s Playground
3) Savior’s Call
4) This Time Is The Last Time
5) Only a Matter of Time
6) Spirit in the Sky
7) Metal Breed
8) Millenial Reign
9) Unconditional
10) Ride the Wind
11) Ode to Alexander


Rob Rock: Vocals
Carl-Johan Grimmark: Guitar
Andreas Olsson: Bass
Andreas Johansson: Drums


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