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See You In Hell
April 2009
Released: 2008, Small Stone Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Hard to believe that legendary stoners Roadsaw have been kicking around the highways and byways of rock for well over a decade now, with a slew of successful albums to their credit. Throughout it all, the band has maintained the down ‘n dirty riffs imbued with the stoner sounds of the ‘70s. Currently touring Europe, it seems like a good time to take a look at the band’s latest album, last year’s SEE YOU IN HELL.

True to their history, SEE YOU IN HELL contains no real surprises, but it IS chock full of heavy riffs and soulful vocals – the very things the band is known for. After a pointless intro (appropriately called “Intro”), the band rips into the storming “Who Do You Think You Are”. From there, things only get better, right through to the fourth full song, “The Rules”, which is a slow, melodic grinder of a tune. However, it’s the song just before it, “Go It Alone” that is easily the highlight of the album, with a speedy, galloping riff and some of Riggs’ best vocal work on the album. Awesome.

Unfortunately, after “The Rules”, things go downhill a bit. Not that the rest of the album sucks – far from it – but it’s almost all slow and bluesy from “See You In Hell” right through to psychedelic closer “Receive”. Sure, with the exception of the ballad-esque “Leavin’” it’s all uniformly heavy, with thumping slow song after thumping slow song, it does get a bit monotonous.

But never ye mind – all Roadsaw is good Roadsaw. When they are at their best, there isn’t a stoner rock band that can touch ‘em, and SEE YOU IN HELL has just enough of those moments to make it a worthy purchase.
Track Listing

1) Intro
2) Who Do You Think You Are
3) Look Pretty Lonely
4) Go It Alone
5) The Rules
6) See You In Hell
7) Up To You
8) Dead Horse
9) Leavin’
10) It’s Your Move
11) Receive


Tim Catz: Bass
Ian Ross: Guitar
Jeremy Hemond: Drums
Darryl Shepard: Guitar
Riggs: Vocals

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