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Rising Steel
Return Of The Warlord
February 2017
Released: 2016, Mighty Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

This band is pretty damn cool. They have a wicked logo/font, a cool full-on Metal name, awesome artwork; this looks and feels so Metal it hurts. I love bands that stick to the classic standards of real Metal instead of getting all weird, experimental and progressive; and Rising Steel fits the bill of true Metal!

This new band from France released their debut album RETURN OF THE WARLORD in late 2016 on the Danish label, Mighty Music. It is 10 cuts of pure Metal mania! The framework of the songs are classic riffs, simple arrangements, no filler, just take a few good ideas and run with it. They present a fairly stripped down sound, one you might hear from Wizard Rebellion, Grave Digger etc…come to think of it they do have that really nice, mid-tempo grind that so many German bands have perfected. To use a cliche, this is no-frills, ‘meat and potatoes’ Metal. No extras, no choirs, no keyboards, no female vocals, no novelty cover tunes, just straight up punchy songs.

Vocalist Fabrice has some decent range and some good intense delivery, especially on the cut ‘Evil Master’ when he is semi-growling out ‘Satan! My Master!” He stays in the mid-range but can hit a few good high notes when necessary and his gritty voice has some heft to it. The rest of the band are very solid performers. The solos are slightly under-stated but not boring. I must admit I like the faster songs a bit better, but there is no lack of energy.

So, here is the possible issue that some folks might have with RETURN OF THE WARLORD. They have written technically fine, conventional Metal songs which for my taste is great, but even I would admit Rising Steel offer very little variation, or innovation. I have probably 100 albums much like this is my collection and will this one stand the test of time or even carve out a fan-base in an crowded sub-genre? I’m not convinced but this is certainly worth checking out and the next album will be the make-or-break album, when they will have chance to establish their own identity.
Track Listing

1. Breaking the Silence
2. Monster
3. The Watcher
4. Dead or Alive
5. Straight to Hell
6. Evil Master
7. Rising Steel
8. People of the Moon
9. Never Give Up
10. Hell's Control


Emmanuelson Vocals
Mighty V. Guitar
Tony Riffman Guitar
Flo Dust Bass
Steel Zard Drums



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