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Rise to Fall
Restore the Balance
September 2010
Released: 2010, Coroner Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Oh no, see this is just not good. Spaniards Rise to Fall is the latest band to try and cash in on the metalcore craze, despite the fact that the scene was played out at least five years ago. Given that this is a Coroner Records re-release of the band’s self-released 2008 album; that still puts Rise to Fall a minimum of three years behind the trend. I hope these guys really love their music because if this is an attempt at trend-hopping, it is a miserable failure.

I have to believe that the band IS trying to catch whatever sales wave is left in metalcore though because RESTORE THE BALANCE isn’t even the aggressive metalcore that can be passable at times; no this sounds like Sonic Syndicate gone even more melodic and wimpy, minus the chick vocals. Of course, that doesn’t stop the band from shamelessly adding in the obvious parts where you would expect a chick to come in (chorus time!). The rest of the vocals are just faceless decipherable growling.

As I said, musically this is pure commercial metalcore, full of the melodious guitars and chugging breakdowns you would expect. Obviously there is nothing new going on with this album. This is not worth your time – avoid.
Track Listing

1) Redrum
2) Prophet of Doom
3) Inner Scream
4) Rise for Dream
5) Unknown Presence
6) Forbidden Lullaby
7) Infected Wound
8) My Sombre Prospect
9) When the Instinct...
10) ...Kills the Reason
11) Chasing Infinity


Dalay Tarda: Vocals
Hugo Markaida: Guitar
Javier Martin: Guitar
Inigo Lopez: Bass
Xabier Del Val: Drums

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