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The Meatgrinder Manifesto
January 2011
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Rage and frustration. Friendship and passion for metal. For those reasons it´s been said why Italian Ragestorm was formed in July 2004. Pretty good reasons to form a band, right?

Since the days of formation Ragestorm have recorded a few demos – and their latest output comes in a form of a 5-track mini-CD (+ intro) that has been titled as THE MEATGRINDER MANIFESTO.

What their 5-song mini-CD offers, is sort of a mixture of both guttural US-styled Death Metal – as well as something that could connect them more to mid 90´s Swedish Death Metal scene when bands started to adopt carefully some more colors from the Black Metal territory into the core sound of theirs. So basically Ragestorm balances somewhere between the aforementioned worlds, adding bits from here and there into their own ´meat-grinding manifesto´ – and succeeding at that relatively well even.

It´s no denying that there´s plenty of talent in this Italian bunch to write pretty catchy songs that tend to stick to the skin of one´s ears surprisingly easily. Ragestorm´s Death Metal is – at least for the most part, heavy as fuck, but then again it´s good to notice that the band ain´t afraid of using more melodic passages within the songs, bringing in a good amount of variation whenever it´s needed. Other than that, it becomes very evident quite soon that the band´s obvious strength is to keep their songs effortlessly flowing – and that´s where they have succeeded very well in my humble opinion. Therefore in conclusion it becomes relatively easy to admit that Ragestorm´s modern sounding combination of Death, Thrash and Black Metal on this promising EP truly does the trick, proving them a strong stepping stone for bigger things to be achieved in the future. Check this out without having a tiny fear to regret it afterwards.
Track Listing

01. Introduction to Indoctrination
02. The Meatgrinder Theory
03. Call of Duty
04. Where Health Means Death
05. New World Disorder
06. Idiocracy


Marke - Vocals
Tele - Guitar
Rufio - Guitar
Kolla - Bass and vocals
Bonny - Drums

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