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Fucking Metal (demo)
January 2009
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Here´s one letter that came along with one demo that was sent to me recently: "Metalized hails Luxi!! Here´s our second demo-niacal slaughter! I hope it makes you break your neck relentlessly, etc. etc. May you headbang eternally! Live for steel - die for steel! Sincerely, Gabrihell".

Riotor, this 5-piece group thrashing fiercely out from Quebéc, Canada, has recorded their 5-track, 2nd demo called FUCKING METAL, and as the demo title already suggests, obviously we don´t deal with too light things here musically.

No, we don´t. Riotor´s black-sters thrash their hearts out in a pretty decent way, playing almost similar style as Deströyer 666, Desaster, Merciless, Gospel of the Horns and such. Their stuff has a very straight-forward, raw, thrashy ´no-bullshit-no-fuckin´-gimmicks´ approach, which has been spiced with relatively harsh, nearly black metal sounding vocals of Ismarevil. This is thoroughly good, headbang-able stuff, which has been done and heard probably thousands of times before, but it doesn´t stop you liking this stuff, however. The guys push forward and over the barricades like an angry colony of 12-ton tanks, ready to blow you away - and leaving all of us gasping for air.

No doubts, Riotor has a lot of attitude and determination to sound like a frantic and blackish thrash band that just wants to have a little bit of fun and blast out lotsa noise around territories from their wrecking machine. With the FUCKING METAL demo, they have already proved it louder than the doctor has ordered. Good stuff here nevertheless, albeit not totally mind-blowing by any means.
Track Listing

01. Riotor
02. Nuclear Solution
03. Fucking Metal
04. Sworn to Thrash
05. In Decadence
06. Internal Burning


Ismarevil - Vocals
Kevinator - Guitar
Gab - Guitar
Mik - Bass
Stefanatik - Drums

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