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Justice Replaced by Revenge
January 2006
Released: 2005, Victory Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

No melody, no compromises, no mercy. Just aggressive and in your face Hardcore. JUSTICE REPLACED BY REVENGE is an all out war release that will surely please extreme Hardcore fans. It has thick as fuck breakdowns, fast riffs and everything a fan of the genre can hope for. It even has the raspy screaming vocals that you would never want to hear in your worst nightmare.

This is my first encounter with Ringworm, so just based in the experience of listening to JUSTICE REPLACED BY REVENGE, I would categorize the band as the bastard brother of Sweden’s The Haunted. What I am trying to say, is that while The Haunted has a clearly Hardcore influence in their music, they are a Metal Band, and while Ringworm has a clear Metal influence, they are truly Hardcore one. There are so many similarities between the compositions of the two bands that it really rocks, since both bands unleash a similar style of hell, but one does it the Metal way and the other the Hardcore one. I can see both bands touring in the future. No doubt about it.

I couldn’t really name a standout track from this CD, but I can tell you which songs I like the most. The opener “Justice Replaced by Revenge” is a truly killer start. It is pretty fast and sets the mood for the rest of the CD. “House of Hell” is also a killer, specially since it has a great solo in the middle. Keep the solos coming!!!! “God eat God” starts with a riff that will remind you of Witchery’s sophomore release and “Devil’s Kiss” has a really cool break down in the D.R.I vein.

All in all, Ringworm’s fourth release is great for any one into aggressive music, be it Hardcore, Metal or whatever. I highly encourage you to give this Ohio based band a try, cause even if their music is not original at all, it surely is better than 90% of everything out there. Have a word on that. Metal and Hardcore are really pushing the boundaries of heaviness and JUSTICE REPLACED BY REVENGE is a testament of it. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

1. Justice Replaced By Revenge
2. No One Dies Alone
3. Seeing Through These Eyes
4. House Of Hell
5. Day Of Truth
6. Whiskey Drunk
7. God Eat God
8. Ghosts of the Past
9. Thrive
10. Devil’s Kiss
11. Death Is Not An Option
12. No More Heroes
13. Life After The End Of The World


Human Furnace - Vocals
Frank 3-Gun Novinec - Guitar
Aarron Ramirez - Bass
Matt Sorg - Guitar
Chris Dora - Drums

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