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Rigor Mortis
Slaves To The Grave
November 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Texas Speed metal pioneers Rigor Mortis are gonna release the fourth and last album of their great career after the big loss of Mike Scaccia in 2012. SLAVES TO THE GRIND is a tribute to Mike and it would be a very good chance to express all the emotions about him.

Let it be said that while the previous recordings of Anacrusis can be pretty unlistenable in the conventional sense, the band's last album fortunately has a lot more common with the pure thrash metal realm than their other explorations into the more crossover swamp. SLAVES TO THE GRIND is a relatively rough dose of thrash with fairly catchy riffs and only some intricate touches hinting at more ambitious developments to come. Actually it is hard to find anything seriously faulty in this album, except maybe a few quirky moments in the vocal department. This album shows that Anacrusis could have successfully filled a thrash metal niche of their own just by sticking to the style of their debut album, without any urgent need to seek into more complex directions.

In some ways built with one foot in the past and one in the future, this release expresses a tendency toward structure rising out of circular consistent-dynamic riff-based structures such as those found in speed metal or rock, yet keeps the older influence prominent in both structure and melodic sense. Overcoming this the raw musicality and passion of this music drives focus toward the emotional significance of metaphorical death worship in the midst of powerful antisocial metal.

It doesn't get much closer to the old days than this. Delicate and savage this music tears from above to grasp the listener in the claws of complexity and melody, becoming one of the first contributions to modern death metal as the genre attempted to move beyond the rock n roll paradigm to find new methods of composition and development. Shouted vocals approximate a more enunciative version of the speed metal style and keep a link to the cruising bass and blasting percussion of the rhythm section. Highly recommended.
Track Listing

1. Poltergeist
2. Rain of Ruin
3. Flesh For Lies
4. The Infected
5. Bloodbath
6. Ancient Horror
7. Fragrance of Corpse
8. Curse of The Draugr
9. Sacramentum Gladitorum
10. Ludus Magnus


Bruce Corbitt - Vocals
Mike Scaccia - Guitar
Casey Orr - Bass/Vocals
Harden Harrison - Drums



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