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Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga
April 2004
Released: 2004, Limb Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

The rating you see above is NOT reflective on the music contained on this “best of” release. The rating reflects what I think the usefulness of this CD is to any Rhapsody fan.

As a big fan of Rhapsody, the material on here deserves 5/5, but since I have all the songs on their proper albums, I see no point in this release beyond what I assume is a contractual obligation to Limb Music. The 16-tracks on here cover the Rhapsody saga from all their albums to date and has a play time of just over 70mins. The selection of material is respectably done but really who will buy this? Maybe someone who is a casual fan of the band MIGHT buy the CD, but chances are casual fans of Rhapsody are few and far between. You either love this band or hate them it seems. If you are one of the few who are a casual fan, chances are you might just download a few MP3’s to listen to rather then buy any of the CDs. The only “bonus” on here is an edited version of the video “Holy Thunderforce”, hardly enough to make fans run out to get the CD.

It’s too bad that this release didn’t have some severe alternate mixes of some songs with say all orchestration and keys removed just so we can say we heard some “bare bones” Rhapsody with just drums, guitars, and vocals. Or maybe a few live tracks would have been a good idea?! Or some unreleased material…anything but the same ole stuff I already have. Maybe the label was limited in what they could do with this release and could only legally use material form the band’s albums. Whatever the excuse, this is a release that will be forgotten very quickly as we concentrate on what’s next from Rhapsody! The next album will be released through SPV in 2004. A guest appearance by Christopher Lee (renowned actor and a classically trained opera singer) is but one thing to look forward to. Prior to the release of the next album, the band is releasing a mini album called THE DARK SECRET. Vist the band’s website (linked to the right in this interview) to stay up to date! Interestingly enough, this best-of album is not mentioned in the band’s discography section nor in the news section of their website!
Track Listing

01. Warrior Of Ice
02. Rage Of The Winter (Symphonic Version)
03. Forest Of Unicorns
04. Land Of Immortals (Remix)
05. Emerald Sword
06. Wisdom Of The Kings
07. Wings Of Destiny
08. Riding The Winds Of Eternity (Edit)
09. Dawn Of Victory
10. Holy Thunderforce (Remix)
11. The Village Of Dwarves
12. Rain Of A Thousand Flames
13. Knightrider Of Doom
14. March Of The Swordmaster
15. Power Of The Dragonflame
16. Lamento Eroico


Luca Turilli - guitars
Alex Staropoli - keys
Fabio Lione – vocals
Alex Holzwarth – drums

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