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Symphony of Enchanted Lands Boxset
December 2001
Released: 1998, Limb Music
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Box-sets are interesting to review. Only real die-hard fans of a band get box sets. There are rare, usually limited editions, and often quite expensive. There are probably only about 30 metal box-sets in the history of metal! Most box-sets are compilations of material the fans already have, but it is those little extras that make them special.

I choose 3 box-sets this month to coincide with new releases by those artists. (See my Queensryche box-set review and my Alice Cooper box-set review)

This isn’t a box-set in the traditional sense. What it is; is a regular CD release of SOEL with the most elaborate packaging I have ever seen. It is incredible. The whole thing comes in a hard back book which folds open like a book. Inside is hollow with the CD and all the extra goodies. Limited to 5000 copies this box-set features the cover art of SOEL by Belgian artist Eric Phillipe, who is rapidly becoming THE power metal artist (Mob Rules, Shadow Keep)

There is a lot of stuff in here. There are 6 photocards, full colour (kind of like a postcard) one for each member of the band and a group shot. Each one is framed with a cool medieval style dragon frame. There are 2 temporary tattoos, one of the red dragon and one of the black dragon. There are 6 silver Rhapsody logo stickers. There is a metal pin , a fairly detailed representation of the knight with his sword riding the dragon with the band name above. There is a metal pendant, shaped like a sword with the logo, that says, you guessed it…Rhapsody!

The CD itself has no bonus tracks but it may have an additional feature. I say may because I have not seen the regular jewel case version. It could be the same but the version in here has a full colour picture CD and a full colour, double sided 10-panel fold out inlay card. One side is a 10-panel picture of the Enchanted Lands with full lyrics and the Part II telling of the Algalord Chronicles. Amazing.

The book itself is very, very cool. About 40 pages it has a lot of material. It has full lyrics. It has the story of the Algalord Chronicles Parts I and II. It has 2 pages dedicated to each band member, including a photo and stats on their favorite movie, food, sport etc…It has a full history of the band. It has song by song commentary of the album. It has about 30 photos, lots of cool shots of the band recording the songs with friends, guest musicians, playing ancient lutes and lyres and so on.

Normally I would knock a mark off of any box-set that had no new, rare or unreleased material but the presentation of this set is so well done it still gets a 5 out of 5.
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