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Rain of a Thousand Flames
November 2001
Released: 2001, Limb Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Right off the bat I am going to dispense with retelling the history of Rhapsody. I have done at least one review of the band before and you can drop by the archive and read that it you want to know more about the band. I am assuming (rightly or wrongly) that most of you already know who the band are and what they are all about. OK then. Lets get to the latest release from this self proclaimed Epic Hollywood metal band. RAIN OF A THOUSAND FLAMES is a 7 song mini album which clocks in at 41 minutes. Really there only 5 songs. The other 2 are short pieces that add to the atmosphere of the disc.

The Cd kicks of with a pretty standard Rhapsody tune in the form of the title track. This track is just under 4 minutes long and is just speedfest with Rhapsody’s trademark majestic choir chorus with a bit of spoken dialogue thrown in for good measure. Great song and a good introdcution to the CD. "Queen of the Dark Horizons" clocks in at over 13 minutes and is an epic track if I have ever heard one. This is one of those songs that doesn’t seem nearly as long as its 13 minutes would indicate. There are a lot of things going on in this song. Early in the track there is a fair bit of piano and then a female opera singer is introduced. Great atmosphere is created here. Rhapsody throws everyone for a loop at the 10:30 mark when the song totally changes tempo and changes from roaring powermetal to an almost progressive sounding 70s influenced song complete with keyboard straight out of the 70s. Have no fear though. The real Rhapsody reappears to end the track on a majestic high note. "Elnor’s Magic Valley" is a folk tune which is just fiddle and flute. Great interlude. The mini album closes out with another 10 plus minute song called "The Wizard’s Last Rhymes". This is an interesting track in the fact that even though it is a pretty up tempo song it isn’t just blazing double bass drums throughout the whole thing. Of course they are there but at times the song gallops and just depends on the heavy orchestration to carry it along. Again there is an appearance of the narrator talking about the snakes of the abyss and the bloody oceans.. They don’t end this song with an epic flourish but instead let the orchestration fade out like a movie soundtrack.

The cover art for this CD is a little different for Rhapsody. It is a bit darker than their previous releases with some ugly troll type characters being rained upon by fire from the sky. It ties in very well with the CD title. One thing that you won’t get from this release is anything radically different that what Rhapsody has already done. Yes there is the odd little curve but they pretty much stick to what they do well. That is, of course, creating the best epic and bombastic powermetal on the planet.
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