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Violent Phoenix
May 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Hailing from Sao Paolo, Brasil, comes this 5-piece thrash metal act that has been baptized by the name, Reviolence (no, not Phil Demmel´s ´secret´ project act), and who were formed in 2003. Even during the same year, they recorded their debut EP, titled IN PIECES, which put the band on the map of Brazilian thrash metal as an act to keep your eyes out for.

Reviolence´s 2nd effort, a 4-song EP called VIOLENT PHOENIX, introduces the band as a pretty promising thrash act that can surely grap masses for their side by their, could I say, sophisticated, oldschool thrash. Reviolence don´t sound your meanest and most aggressive thrash band on the face of the Earth, but they seem to do their things by a certain style that has a lot of to do with somewhat sophisticated ways to keep their thrash on one level; not pushing their songs toward an overly aggressive direction, but keeping it tightly in a sort of ´we-are-allowed-to-support-low-speed-limits-this-and-that´ -format. While you´re listening to the EP, the first thing that you´re about to notice is that the band´s guitar twin, Guilherme and Chico, are rather keen on playing leads in all of the 4 songs this EP contains. And yes, they are even damn good at playing those leads (check out all the lead work in "Abduction" - and be amazed!). Their riffs are also good, tastefully done and all that. Even if I´m not either a bass or drum freak, I think both Mauricio (on bass) and Edson (on drums) do their job well and convincing enough. ´The Weakest Link Of The Band´ award unfortunately wins the band´s vocalist Carlos this time. At times he sounds like he actually desperately does try to sing, and at the same time just to spit out the harshest thrash vocal delivery that he can out of his lungs. His vocals seem to be a bit out of place, I´m afraid. With a bit more of vocal training - and he´ll be doing alright, I suppose.

VIOLENT PHOENIX is also available for a free download in the official Reviolence's website if you just ever decide to head your way to that direction... ;o)
Track Listing

01. Violent Phoenix
02. Abduction
03. The Annunciation
04. About Angels and Demons


Carlos Furtado - Vocals
Guilherme Spilack - Guitars
Chico Crestena - Guitars
Mauricio Cliff - Bass
Edson Graseffi - Drums

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