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Avarice and Absolution
August 2006
Released: 2006, Evo Recordings
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

To begin this review, I’ll throw out the usual disclaimer: This is NOT metal. This IS however, some pretty good hard rock music. Revery are a relatively new band out of Virginia Beach. They did the usual heavy touring to hone their sound and skills before putting out this, their debut album.

Musically, Revery takes equal parts Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, and modern rock, mix ‘em up, and throw out some of the best riff rock songs I have yet to hear on the radio in 2006. Add in Jason Martinez’s Scott Weiland with balls vocals (he occasionally sounds like Zakk Wylde – check out “In the Way She”), and you’ve got a fairly potent, if blatantly commercial sound.

Obviously, there aren’t going to be too many readers of Metal-Rules that are going to buy what Revery’s selling, but those that have a weakness for plain old hard rock will find much to like on AVARICE AND ABSOLUTION. The catchy grind of “Popstar Wedding” just begs to be a hit, even if it is a barefaced rip-off of STP. Elsewhere “Walk the World” has a great chugging verse, followed by a catchy melodic chorus, while the following “August” has another memorable riff slightly ruined by a Disturbed-like repetitive scream. There are also no less than 3 ballad-type songs for the lighter-waving crowd, best of the bunch being “3 Weeks”.

From where I’m sitting, Revery is one of the better rock bands out there today. They sure are a damn sight better than shit like Default, Nickelback, and whatever other band is popular for the next five minutes.
Track Listing

1) Look At What You’ve Done
2) Sugar Star
3) In the Way She
4) 3 Weeks
5) Popstar Wedding
6) Bleed Alone
7) Walk the World
8) August
9) Penelope
10) Gotta Get 2 U
11) The Truth
12) Secondhand Redemption
13) Which Way to Sunday


Jason Martinez: Vocals
Kenny Adcock: Bass
John Adkins: Guitars, Vocals
Michael Doyle: Guitars
David Doyle: Drums

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