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Reverend Kill
His Blood, Our Victory
February 2010
Released: 2009, Apollon Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

In my experience there are many cities that have that 'one guy' in the scene, who everybody knows. That one individual who has struggled, slaved and worked his (or her) ass off to try to make it. In Calgary, Don is one of those guys. With a long history as a fan, supporter, promoter and musician, Don has brought forth his latest creation, Reverend Kill, based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Formerly of such bands as Thorazine, Deimos and Pericardium, his years of hard work are paying off and Don is having a new level of success with RK.

Despite constant line-up changes (even since this album!) and a bit of a confusing discography with label changes, reissues and so on, the album, HIS BLOOD OUR VICTORY is the first time the band is getting recognition on a global scale. The band has some momentum, in fact a new album is already recorded and slated for release in 2010.

Initial impressions are good with professional packaging, lyrics, good production and presentation. Labelled as 'Music to Kill your Pain' Reverend Kill hits a sweet spot on the heavier end of the metallic spectrum. Despite the album title and the burning church on the album cover, RK are not Black Metal. There are large elements of Death and Thrash in the band but a strong sense of melody as well. This stems from the fact that some of the metal influences are very traditional in the song writing. It is a hard sound to pin down. The vocals are total death, dry but not too guttural and speed of the whole affair is very thrashy and the solos are very melodic, almost power metal. It is a bit odd but the vocals are almost 'too' heavy for the music at times.

The album is quite dark and heavier, lyrically and sonically, making for a quite intense listening experience. There were a very few bands that try to adapt and blend these styles, but one reference point that comes to mind is some of the older European death metal bands such as Impious, Disbelief or perhaps No Return.

This a strong metal album that have have appeal to fans of many genres, especially those who find the retro-thrash movement played out (already!) but still want a heavier death-thrash sound with a real 'metal' feel in the songs. Extremely promising.
Track Listing

1. Child Of Frost
2. Trapped In Amber
3. A Wire In My Blood
4. Dichotomy
5. 666 Conspiracy
6. Velvet Revolution
7. The Midas Touch
8. Frantic
9. His Blood, Our Victory


Graham, vocals
Don, Guitar
Teran, Guitar
Kyle, Bass
Vinnie, Drums

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