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Reverend Bizarre
January 2004
Released: 2004, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The recent Finnish sensation in the world of Doom Metal, Reverend Bizarre, returns with a 74-min. long ´E.P.´, after having found a new home in Spikefarm Records, now offering 7 new songs that vary in length between 1:47 (“The Ambassador”) and 20:18 minutes (“From the Void”). This threesome´s classic Doom Metal sound that is heavily influenced by such early masters of Doom as Witchfinder General, The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and the likes, made a huge worldwide impact by their debut album last year, titled IN THE RECTORY OF THE BIRAZZE REVEREND. The press from the all over the world considered and honored them basically as the most potential, new hopes for the whole Doom Metal genre as the band´s masterplan to stick to those ancient, most essential yet catchiest elements in the sounds of early Doom Metal, eventually turned out to be a real success for the guys.

With this new E.P. Reverend Bizarre are yet again bringing their old-school Doom sound even further, only this time having added some more length into some of their songs. 4 songs out of the 7 songs on HARBINGER OF METAL last over 10-minutes; the 4th song, “From the Void” even breaks the 20-minute mark with a totally unnecessary and pointless 5-minute ´drum solo´ by Earl of Void. Despite of this lil´ minor flaw on this lengthy E.P., the Reverend –army continues basically from those footsteps where they left off on IN THE RECTORY... The guys continue on dooming the lands even more with their slow and monumental manifestos that may scare away an inexperienced listener by almost funeral march-like and depressive atmospheres where these guys seem to be true pioneers at. Such songs as “Strange Horizon” and “the Wandering Jew”, despite of being lengthy tunes both, show clearly why there´s been so huge talk about them in the Doom Metal community. Reverend Bizarre´s flourishing vintage Doom is just captivating and very nostalgic in many ways and it´s really damn hard to not like it if you happen to hold your old St.Vitus, Pentagram, early Trouble, etc. albums in high esteem in your vinyl collection. Also, their lengthened version from a Burzum song, “Dunkelheit” honestly sounds slightly better than the original version in my opinion, carrying the song toward new heights by its doom´ish funeral atmospheres and painting the horizon grey, black and pitch-black.

It´s quite inevitable to state that Reverend Bizarre is slowly becoming one of the most remarkable and important Doom Metal bands on the verge of new age of the whole Doom genre. Either you believe me or not, I couldn´t care any less as I just stated ´the inevitable´.
Track Listing

01. Harbinger
02. Strange Horizon
03. The Ambassador
04. From the Void
05. The Wandering Jew
06. Into the Realms of Magickal Entertainment
07. Dunkelheit


Albert Witchfinder – Vocals & bass
Peter Vicar – Guitars
Earl of Void – Drums

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