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A Gathering of Demons
February 2004
Released: 2001, Neck Damage
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

Metal Church fans, take note of this little EP that has fallen into my possession: David Wayne’s version of Metal Church Jr. A GATHERING OF DEMONS is the resurrection Reverend, his 90s power/heavy metal project following his departure from Metal Church featuring a quick 4 tracks of heavy metal much like THE DARK or BLESSING IN DISGUISE-era Metal Church (holy shit, now there’s a wild deduction. Ha!).

“Massacre of the Innocent” hits us with some moderately fast and thrashy riffage. David Wayne’s voice still belts out his characteristic wail as powerful as ever to complete the Wayne signature sound. Oh yeah, this is headbanging material here, with a tone that is slightly on the raw and dark side. “Down” backs down on the speed and intensity for a much heavier sound that has somewhat of a sludgy groove to it. “Stealing My Mind” runs past us pretty quick with a chugging number, but is quickly forgotten.

The highlight of the EP, at least for me as a Metal Church fan, is “Legion,” which is none other than a re-recording of the Wayne/Vanderhoof demo version of the incredible Metal Church’s “Fake Healer!” FUCK YES! The original is so fucking incredible with it’s catchy, ultra-fucking-heavy main riff and total headbangability that it will kick your ass and wreck your neck any time in any form. While musically the same as “Fake Healer,” the “Legion” version features different lyrics, that, while sufficiently dark and evil to match the sound of this EP, lacks the creepiness that makes “Fake Healer” so incredible. Still, the “We are Legiooooonnnnn” chorus kicks a goodly amount of ass itself.

Bottom line: Metal Church Fan? Buy this.
Track Listing

1. Massacre of the Innocent
2. Down
3. Stealing My Mind
4. Legion


David Wayne – vocals
Chris Nelson – guitars
John Stahlman - bass
Todd Stotz – drums

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