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From Hell
February 2009
Released: 2008, Thrash Massacre Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Thrash Massacre Records from Moscow, Russian Federation, is a very good source for anyone who´s looking for a record label that concentrates on releasing albums with some obscure, quality bands. So if you are a sucker of old school thrash, then look no further.

So far the label has (at least) released the Italian thrashers Death Mechanism´s debut album titled HUMAN ERROR .. GLOBAL TERROR, Russian thrashers Mechanix´s self-titled debut album - and now even Greek thrashers Revenge´s 1st album, titled FROM HELL.

Greece is really gaining more and more ground as a metal country with their killer sounding thrash bands. Bands like Suicidal Angels, Released Anger, Concrete Force, Mentally Defiled, Convixion, Crucifier, and Mortal Threat are but a few examples of this blooming and strong thrash metal scene in Greece - and now this thrash invasion has even nicely been continued by Revenge, which - based on the label´s info kit about them, sounds similar to early Sepultura´s MORBID VISIONS and SCHIZOPHRENIA era.

Listening to FROM HELL, this above-mentioned description about them, is actually pretty easy to subscribe. There´s indeed lots of that relatively primitive and early style of Sepultura in Revenge´s sound. Hell, even the band´s vocalist sounds a bit like a younger version from Max Cavalera - not to mention how much album´s front cover artwork reminds of Sep´s MORBID VISIONS album cover, with a crucified Jesus figure and a massive demon behind it. So talk about some Sepultura worship in the Revenge troops, ha! Anyways, Revenge can solidly thrash in the spirit of the past times, and even if old Sepultura has gotten such a clear and glorious tribute type of treatment in the hands of these Greek fellows in denim and leather, I found lots of fun myself when I was spinning through the album. Revenge´s own cover version from a Sepultura song "Antichrist", sounds really well-done, doing just a lot of justice to the original version of the very masters in charge. Even FROM HELL´s ending song called "Morbid Revelation", which is an instrumental tune, brought Sepultura´s "Inquisition Symphony" off SCHIZOPHRENIA to my mind for some strange reason - although in the same breath I have to say "Morbid Revelation" is less riff-based and basically far less intense and powerful as Sep´s song in comparison to it.

There´s not much else to be reported about either Revenge - or their debut album FROM HELL. What can still be said though, Revenge does sound good even if highly unimaginative due to their so straight and clear influences to early Sepultura´s stuff. But since Sepultura hasn´t done anything THIS good and nostalgic sounding for many years any more, we need this Greek Revenge to continue their work for further thrash generations, I suppose. ;o)
Track Listing

01. Dimension of Sin (intro)
02. Total Aggression
03. Jesus on the Cross
04. Bloodfist
05. Revenge
06. Evil Nightmare
07. Antichrist (Sepultura cover)
08. Morbid Revelation (instrumental)


Manos - Vocals and bass
Aggelos - Guitars
Ilias - Guitars
Vaggelis - Drums

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