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Revel in Flesh
April 2012
Released: 2012, F.D.A. Rekotz
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

It should come as no surprise that a band named after a track on Entombed’s LEFT HAND PATH album sounds like a 90’s Swedish death metal knock off. And while they’re geographically a little south of Sweden, German duo Revel in Flesh do in fact have a love jones for 90’s Swedish death metal, very much in the vein of early Entombed, Dismember, et all. Depending on your point of view, their debut DEATHEVOKATION is either homage to a fondly remembered bygone era or a blatant rip.

Either way, DEATHEVOKATION is a sloppy ten track opus full of familiar riffs, production values, and, well everything else you remember about 90’s Swedish death metal. No mid range on the amps, guttural spit filled vocals, a drummer that sounds like he’s having a fit, you get the idea. But the bands that survived that scene and went on to have real success had genuine songwriting talents and a level of skill with their instruments, and its these two hot buttons that push bands like Revel in Flesh off the mark. They get the “vibe” right, but that’s about it.

Most of the tunes mush together as DEATHEVOKATION plays on and never really attempt to establish their own personalities. There are some positive moments towards the end of the disc with “Crowned in Darkness” and “Subconscious Error,” but it didn’t quell the urge to just dig up my copy of LIKE AN EVERFLOWING STREAM and spin that instead. But I get it; Revel in Flesh is really just two dudes having some fun and who managed to put a record out. It’s not going to rock the world, nor is it intended to. Rather it’s a momentary diversion from the glut of crap that currently passes as metal these days. The only problem is that DEATHEVOKATION isn’t much better than the glut of crap that currently passes as metal these days. Check out the band’s website for more details.
Track Listing

1. Culpa et Inferna
2. Shadowbreeder
3. Wings of Death
4. Iron Coffin
5. Bloodfeast
6. Slavish Obedience
7. Opus Putrescence
8. Black Paled Elegy
9. Crowned in Darkness
10. Subconscious Error


Maggesson - Drums, Guitars
Haubersson - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

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