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Retaliatory Measures
March 2011
Released: 2011, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Retaliatory Measures is a 5-piece wrecking machine from Pori, Finland, that has been only around not more than 3 years. For those people who crave for some tiny background details about this unit, 3 of the members also used to play in a thrash metal act called Garm that disbanded in May 2009, releasing 3 EPs and 1 single…

RM, however, comes from a little bit of a different world musically. They are some sort of hybrid of both thrash and death metal in which the main emphasis is clearly rounded around the death metal tag. This is a very modern sounding death/thrash metal that relies on strong and chunky riffs, professionally played solos, powerful death grunts – and all in all pretty nicely executed songs that altogether simply tend to flow beautifully, which is something that they should do in the first place when making an instant impression on its listeners.

What I also find a good thing about their stuff, this comes without any constantly attacking blastbeat rolls that tend to eat up every single detail out from this type of modern sounding death/thrash metal. Instead of that, the magic words on here are clearly heaviness and variety more than anything else. RM is truly able to pound everything on their way to dust, if I´m allowed using this type of musical reference for describing RM´s 6-track MMX EP. There´s lots of so-called ´kickass´ value wrapped around their songs, which I personally enjoy quite a bit indeed.

This EP is also greatly produced; the sound is heavy and thick, obviously serving the band´s purpose to kick our fancy butts even harder (which is what they do as a matter of fact). I cannot do much more but recommend you to check them out if skillfully played and modern death/thrash metal is something that makes you hungry for.
Track Listing

01. Trial
02. Judgement
03. Existence
04. Obsessed
05. Blank
06. Passing


Haltsonen - Vocals
Hahtamo - Guitar
Halima - Guitar
Marko Mäkipanula - Bass
Aittokoski - Drums

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