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Infiltrate... Obliterate... Dominate
September 2009
Released: 2009, Twilight-Vertrieb
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

So how many Requiems are there actually these days? Well, says almost a few dozen, but out of them all this particular Requiem in question, hailing from Schübelbach, Switzerland, must be the best one out of them all in my honest opinion.

The band´s 5th album in order, INFILTRATE… OBLITERATE… DOMINATE…, continues to strengthen the band´s status as one of the most talented and technically advanced death metal bands that are out there nowadays - creating crushing and hard-hitting death metal that obviously pleases and appeals to many fans of the particular style in question. I am glad Requiem´s stuff is more than about blast beats, hyper speeds, brutality-for-brutality´s-sake, etc., just having more credit as a rather unique sounding death metal patrol that has chosen their own path to be travelled on.

For whatever reasons I am always thinking of some sort of a melting pot of bands like Vader and Napalm Death when spinning through Requiem´s excellent latest album. At times these Swiss fellows can sound very straightforward, grindgore-ish orientated - when some other times they can also be able to take a more complex road for themselves, and reach similar type of a dizzying approach technical-wise that a band like Vader can always offer on their releases. INFILTRATE… is all about this; a slab of tastefully and carefully done death metal, kinda pumping up all these necessary fluids of excitement that truly keep Requiem´s stuff musically in such a sharp and loved form constantly – and that is somewhat impossible to resist listening to, and enjoy the hell out of it, too.

INFILTRATE… OBLITERATE… DOMINATE… is the kind of death metal album that is easy to like and love – just like the band´s previous albums. So if you are a fan of bands like Vader and Napalm Death, then this certainly is a perfect album for you, fulfilling all your expectations about what death metal should be in the first place. And even if you don't care for any of those 2 aforementioned bands too much, even in that case you should hear them. Why? Well, I just told you why. Now just go back in the text and concentrate on reading more carefully this time, thank you.
Track Listing

01. Marked by the Signs of Chaos
02. Killing Cell
03. Final Conflict
04. Infiltrate to Obliterate
05. Obliterate to Dominate
06. The Die Is Cast
07. Perish in Open Fire
08. Hate Driven Heretic Deceit
09. A Haunting Warfare
10. The Last Campaign


Michi Kuster - Vocals
Philipp Klauser - Guitar
Ralph Inderbitzin - Guitar
Ralf Winzer - Bass
Reto Crola - Drums

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