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Reptilian Death
The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence
March 2014
Released: 2013, Old School Metal Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

What I know about the Indian metal scene could be written on a pinhead, however here I am reviewing the new release by one of the stalwarts of the countries scene. Reptilian Death was conceived 12 years ago as a side project by Demonic Resurrection frontman, Demonstealer.

What is served up on The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence is a fairly standard tech death fare with more than a nod to Immolation, Hate, Malice, Revenge era All Shall Perish and Demigod era Behemoth. It rattles along at a fair pace and the lyrics seem to be suitably demonic.

The problem here is that much of the music is unremarkable and could be any number of latter day bands of the genre. The production does not help matters as it appears to be very cold and ‘digital’ and does not leave any allow any soul, character or nastiness to come to the fore. The tracks are all well played but there is very little variation in sound or approach and as is sadly so often the case this leads to all the tracks bleeding into each other, making it very difficult to form any kind of meaningful opinion on each track.

Undoubtedly there is a high level of musical talent on show here but each riff seems to harken back to something which has been done before, even the solos and guitar sound seem to be somehow derivative. Maybe I’m be a little unfair here some of the compositions such as O and Patchwork and the Art of Skinning show some variation but too often a riff here and a fill there throw back a little too directly to their influences.

All in all The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence is not a bad album and I’m sure some younger fans of this kind of stuff will be creaming their skinny jeans when they hear this but to me this just seems to be a case of seen heard it before and played with more venom. But there is not enough to set this apart from any of the other myriad of releases that seem to be radiating from the tech death scene at the moment and in the end I am left feeling somehow unsatisfied by the listening experience.

Review by Scrios
Track Listing

01 - PrimEvil
02 - Inchoate
03 - Stimulate Hike Impel Tear
04 - Soaked With The Imperfections Of Puerile Bloo
05 - Emerge, Hatred, Emerge
06 - Distorted By Bondage Blood And Bestiality
07 - Unnervingly Perverted At The Altar
08 - Patchwork And The Art Of Skinning
09 - O
10 - Now You Graze Upon Me
11 - Marvelous Gods - The Apple Of My Eye
12 - Emergence - The World Your Playground


Sugath : Vocals
Arjun : Guitar
Husain : Bass
The Demonstealer : Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

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