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January 2002
Released: 2002, Regain Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This band started when Joel and Jonas left Majestic-99 but they still wanted to play togheter. They formed Reptilion and there was no problem to find people for the new group. The debut “Castle of yesterday” was recorderd in 2000.Musicwise it was a pretty good album. The only thing that was not as good as the rest was Jonas´voice. Now the second album is here and there are some new people in the band. Orvar Wennström has quit and now the line-up is:

Peter is new in this band; he also played with Majestic on the first cd and before with the glamrockers Nasty Idols.

Compared to the debut,this album is much, much better. The music is heavy, fast, straight heavy metal with some melodic, 80's and glamrock influences. The album also has some nice choires. Jonas also makes a tremendous job vocally on this one. Jonas has got training singing in another band and the other band tours alot and has given him routine.

The album starts with the title track. It’s a calm intro before the music sets off. It’s got a real fast guitarsolo in the beginning of the song. And the choires back up Jonas real good. It’s fast heavy metal. In “Vengeance of dark” there’s more of slow heavy metal. This track sounds a bit like 80's heavy metal. There’s a long guitar solo in the middle of the song. Another song with some 80's influences is “The Conqueror”. In “Knight of Hades” there´s more fast heavy metal with real strong choires that back up Jonas. “Chains of love” is another 80's metal song, it sounds almost as Dokken. “Madman City” sounds like glam-rock from the 80’s, especially in the refrain. “Raging storms”is a beatiful ballad. There’s a little heavier metal on “Watching hell from above” and also a lot of guitar. “In my zombie sleeps” contains more 80's metal and there’s also some slower parts in the song. The drumplay with Joel rules and that passes for the whole record.The album closes with “Bulletspeed”. It’s got a fast intro with the whole band involved,it’s really good metal.

As I said before, this album is much better than the debut.It’s classic heavy metal with glam influences updated for the 2000. Lasse,Peter and Joel impress a lot.Jonas’ voice has improved. He sings much better than he did on the debut. The production is really good and the 10 songs glitter The cover is very goodlooking to. If you’re a fan of 80's heavy metal with glamrock (Hanoi Rocks, Guns ‘n Roses) influences, you should take a closer look at this band.
Track Listing

Vangence Or Dark
The Conqueror
Night of Hades
Chains of Love
Madman City
Raging Storms
Watching Hell From Above
In My Zombie Sleep
Bullet Speed


Joel Linder – Drums
Jonas Blum – Lead Vocals
Cody Look – Bass
Thomas Blum – Keyboard
Lasse Boquist – Guitar
Peter Espinoza – Guitar

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