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Devoured in Sin PROMO 2007
August 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Rellik from New Jersey hits us with a brand-new, absolutely fuckin´ relentless 4-song Thrash opus titled DEVOURED IN SIN. The band already managed to convince me two years ago by their mini-CD titled DECEIVE THE DECEIVING that reeked heavily from some aggressive old school Thrash Metal - bringing such bands as early Kreator and Sadus.

On the band´s newest effort the band sounds even more twisted and heavier than ever before. All 4 songs on DEVOURED IN SIN pay homage to a heavier side of late ´80s period Thrash Metal, even crossing the edge of Death Metal occasionally here and there. The first song, “Devoured in Sin” is a sort of nostalgic trip to one of the Possessed´s songs off their THE EYES OF HORROR mini-LP. The main riff seems to be (at least partly) plagiarized from the song “The Eyes of Horror”. Consider it a sincere coincidence or not, but I´m sure some of the most devoted Possessed -fans will notice this immediately. The second song “Dominion”, on the other hand, starts off like some Autopsy song, soon turning out to be a viciously moving little thrasher, however - until slowing down a couple of times and bringing back those Autopsy -moments once again. Another coincidence or not, but this song brings (Mass) Psychosis (they are also from New Jersey, by the way) to my mind for some strange reason? Maybe it also has something to do with then fact Bill Shermer´s vocalism is at least as disturbed and wicked as Tom May´s from Mass Psychosis. Bill´s vocals sound awesome anyway.

The 3rd ´untitled track´ on the promo (since I didn´t receive any info about the songs along with the disc), punched me hard as lethally as the first two songs, introducing probably some of the heaviest thrash riffs on this 4-song output - and nailing my testicles to the floor at least as determinedly and convincingly when I lost my virginity at the age of 14. “Rapture” - the last bit of Rellik´s violent Thrash Metal -manifestation, just proves their true strength to become potential name of the map of Thrash Metal.

Rellik just need a bit of luck in order to take that step next because they are already ready to kill - and I happen to know you just love to be killed by a deliciously heavy, killer sounding Thrash Metal. Don´t you?
Track Listing

01. Devoured in Sin
02. Dominion
03. ?
04. Rapture


Bill Shermer - Vocals
Matt Dwyer - Bass
Robert Piperno - Guitar
Steve McQuaid - Guitar
Craig Smilowski -Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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