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June 2005
Released: 2004, Metal War Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

First important note is that there is at least 3 different Metal bands in the States by the name Rellik. This Rellik that I have on the table right now under a magnifying glass, comes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and plays (old school) Thrash Metal, so try to not confuse them to the two other Relliks that have nothing to do with the old school Thrash Metal scene that much after all.

Secondly, I assume the name Craig Smilowski rings a bell of death to many of you old school Death Metal experts? Yes, you all got it right! The man in question used to play drums both in Goreaphobia and Immolation back in the day. So if you were wondering what he´s up to nowadays, you now have the answer. ;=)

On this 5-song mini-CD, DECEIVE THE DECEIVING, the band cleverly combines some vicious and aggressive elements from the old school Thrash Metal days with some Hardcore –tinged bits and pieces and the result is nothing but pretty enjoyable. It´s like, let´s say, the Ludichrist members playing both old Sadus and Kreator songs with respect and passion, trying to give their best shot for these two bands´ old stuff. Also, I would say that Rellik sound exactly like they could have been stuck to the ´80s period of Thrash Metal for the rest of their lifes, and a relatively dry production on this mini-CD supports the songs in a somewhat fine, yet justified way. It´s however a pity that both guitars´ and drums´ sound lack some heaviness, so the band is rightfully doomed to loose some points in those departments. In spite of a thin production on DECEIVE..., Rellik mangles 6-0 most of these ´so-called Thrash Metal´ bands of today that pretend to be Thrash without having their hearts and souls fully in it. As a tiny, but definitely worth mentioning single detail, I need to mention that the wicked guitar riff in the very beginning of the last song titled “Means to an End”, reminds me strongly of the now reformed Floridian Hellwitch, so we are talking about right things here in any case, aren´t we?

I could say you should forget all other Relliks except this one, but I won´t. However,I gotta say this Pennsylvanian Rellik knows the right recipe to play the old school Thrash Metal, and they play it the way how it´s told to be played in that very recipe. DECEIVE THE DECEIVING is a good enough proof for all that...
Track Listing

01. Apeirophobia
02. Pitch Black
03. Die As I Say (Not As I Do)
04. Begin to Bleed Through
05. Means to an End


Steve Cambell – Vocals
Tom Smilowski – Guitar
Robert Piperno - Guitar
Craig Smilowski – Drums
Matt Dwyer –Bass

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