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Swedish Hitz Goes Metal
October 2011
Released: 2011, Doolittle Group
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Some critics have suggested that the trend of novelty albums has played itself out. Cover albums, re-make albums, tribute albums in my estimation are all still worthy and interesting if taken on a band by band basis. Naturally personal enjoyment of any album, novelty or not, will be on a case by case basis anyway. For me I’m really enjoying the band Reinxeed these past few years so I was really looking forward to their covers album, SWEDISH HITZ GOES METAL.

More and more bands are looking to pop music for songs to cover, from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga to Madonna, many Metal bands have covered one of these types of artists and their songs. Reinxeed is one of the latest to explore this territory and as the album title explains, they cover some Swedish pop bands in their usual high-pitch, high-speed, high-cool style. The bands being covered are Ace Of Base, Roxette and ABBA. I am familiar with ABBA, however do we really need seven (!) ABBA covers on one album? Couldn’t they have branched out a bit more in their tracks selection? By my count there are now well over 40 Metal versions ABBA songs. I’m pretty ignorant of pop culture so I’ve never heard of the other two bands. I guess they must have been pretty big in pop music in general and in Sweden specifically. I suppose a couple of the songs are a bit familiar but to a broad-minded and knowledgeable music fan they could be quite amusing.

These types of 3.5 minute long pop songs that rely on simple harmonies, effective melodies and big choruses work very well with the hyper-kinetic delivery of Reinxeed. The band just layer on mountains of guitar and bright shiny keyboards at 1000 RPM going a long way to prove my theory that even the lamest song can be improved if it sped up. My favourite cut is ‘Sleeping In My Car’ with vocalist, Tommy Johansson hitting some killer high notes among the blitz of speed.

SWEDISH HITZ GOES METAL (despite the painfully worded title) is a fun, quick ‘n easy listen perhaps bordering on novelty. The weak cover art doesn't help either. I’m sure it will illicit a groan or some rolling of the eyes from the jaded, cynical and humourless Metal fans, but for the rest of us it’s a light-hearted diversion in the bands rapidly growing and respected catalogue, which is now five albums deep. If the thought of 80’s pop covers done speed Metal style sends shivers of fear down your spine, but are curious about Reinxeed, be sure to check out 1912, the bands latest, 2011, full-length, studio album.
Track Listing

1. Mamma Mia
2. The Look
3. Lay All Your Love On Me
4. The Sign
5. Summer Night City
6. Sleeping In My Car
7. Super Trouper
8. Money Money Money
9. Beautiful Life
10. Intermezzo nº1
11. The Winner Takes It All
12. All That She Wants
13. Joyride
14. Listen To Your Heart


Tommy Johansson-Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Calle Sundberg-Guitars
Mattias Johansson-Guitars
Nic Svensson -Bass
Viktor Olofsson-Drums

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