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June 2011
Released: 2011, Liljgren Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I discovered the Swedish band ReinXeed late last year (2010) courtesy of the good people at Liljgren Records. I wrote a fairly gushing review in November of last year of their third album and that album MAJESTIC went on to make my #6 spot on the Year End list. Here we are in June 2011 and Reinxeed are already back, the prolific band putting out their fifth album in just four years.

I’m very pleased to report that the rapid pace of album releases has not diminished the quality nor the creative song-writing capabilities of the band. If anything they are getting even more interesting because this time they have delivered a concept album about the Titanic! You would think that it might be hard to write a whole story-line for an album about the ill-fated ship but 1912 manages to entertain for a dozen songs at just under an hour.

The bands self-styled ‘Adventure Metal’ is still fully intact and once again the need for speed is the call of the day. Every song is fast, I mean really fast, even the albums ‘slow’ song is called ‘We Must Go Faster!’ Founder and brainchild Tommy is still a vocal force to be reckoned with hitting the high notes with ease.

I’m not going to go over the top in this review as my review for MAJESTIC. In fact I was thinking of just republishing that review and changing the album titles, just to see if anyone would notice! That doesn’t mean I like 1912 any less but I think I’ve said all I could say about the band in that review. My feelings haven’t changed, they are incredible, instantly one of my new favourite bands.

Does that mean that 1912 hasn’t shown any progression? Yes. I don’t WANT them to change. ReinXeed are just fine the way they are without getting all artistic and innovative, changing for the sake of change. Nope, 1912 stays the course (no icebergs on this album thankfully) and charges full-speed ahead through the aforementioned dozen tracks of blistering, epic, symphonic, neo-classical Metal. ‘The Fall Of Man’ is likely my favorite cut with it’s symphonic intro, chugging guitars and super-catchy chorus line all soaring over a relentless bed of double-kick drums. Well, that pretty much describes every song.

Again, like last year do not be surprised if you see 1912 on my Top 10 of the year. ReinXeed are the new vanguard of the elite and 1912 is another Majestic triumph.
Track Listing

1. 1912
2. The Final Hour
3. Terror Has Begun
4. Spirit Lives On
5. Through The Fire
6. The Fall Of Man
7. The Voyage
8. We Must Go Faster
9. Challenge The Storm
10. Reach For The Sky
11. Farewell
12. Lost At Sea


Tommy Johansson Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard
Mattias Johansson Guitars
Calle Sundberg Guitars
Nic Svensson Bass
Viktor Olofsson Drums

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