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The Origins of Ruin
April 2007
Released: 2007, Insideout
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Anyone who thinks that progressive metal can’t be heavy should pick up the latest release by Redemption. Fronted by prog metal legend Ray Alder, Redemption is the child of main songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist Nicolas van Dyk who has with him, along with Alder, guitarist Bernie Versailles, bassist Sean Andrews, and drummer Chris Quirarte. The last time I heard Alder together with Versailles was with Engine and the only thought I had was how these two great musicians could put their name to such trash. I guess they felt the same because they joined up with van Dyk for the second Redemption CD called THE FULLNESS OF TIME (2005) and, unlike Engine, that release was well received by prog metal fans.

Redemption embodies much of what is missing in progressive metal today including power and aggression. The emphasis is not on playing as many notes a possible in each song. The emphasis is on constructing interesting and catchy tracks that not only portray the dark emotions that van Dyke is toying with, but also, in the best tradition of prog, giving each member the space needed to display their abilities. “The Suffocating Silence” is heavy yet melodic and emphasizes some interesting keyboard work from van Dyk. The aggression level is raised on “The Death of Faith and Reason”. It is unusual to hear anything this heavy from a self-proclaimed progressive metal band yet Redemption are not afraid to take the genre and turn it on its ear. The masterpiece of the disc is the closing track “Fall on You”. This track sums up Redemption in a span of 9 minutes and twenty-four seconds. The song starts out with an acoustic intro that slowly builds into a heavy yet melodic experience before fading out with a subdued melody.

The meeting of Ray Alder and Nicolas van Dyk was fortuitous because from this meeting has risen one of the best progressive metal bands to come along in years. The blend of aggression, melody and atmosphere along with the musical talents of the members gives Redemption an edge that many other bands cannot seem to find. THE ORIGINS OF RUIN hits hard both musically and emotionally and is sure to be a contender when the best CDs of the year are tallied.
Track Listing

Nicolas van Dyk : guitar/keyboard
Ray Alder: vocals
Bernie Versailles: guitar
Sean Andrews: bass
Chris Quirarte: drums


1. The Suffocating Silence
2. Bleed Me Dry
3. The Death of Faith & Reason
4. Memory
5. The Origins of Ruin
6. Man of Glass
7. Blind My Eyes
8. Used to Be
9. Fall on You

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