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Live From The Pit
October 2014
Released: 2014, Sensory Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Los Angeles’ Redemption have been filling a void in the progressive metal scene for a decade; namely, the lack of music from Fates Warning (until last year, anyway). Having said that, despite the fact that Ray Alder is the vocalist in both bands, Redemption have forged their own path without aping Alder’s other band. I’m saddened to say that I haven’t heard any of the band’s previous five albums, but reviews everywhere indicate that Redemption is a band to be reckoned with.

LIVE FROM THE PIT is the band’s first live album, recorded at ProgPower 2012 in front of a rabidly appreciative audience. For a live album, and especially for a progressive metal live album, the sound is full and clear, every instrument audible, Alder nice and up front in the mix. I’m sure fans will nitpick the set list but the band included songs from every studio album, so I can’t imagine too much grumbling on that front. Musically, this is definitely progressive metal with numerous twists and turns, time changes, and moods. It’s amazing how well the set hangs together – if this was a single studio album, it would sound very cohesive. For a band this talented, there are certainly moments where they show off and get flashy, but the songs are the focus as they should be. I was especially impressed with the band’s more introspective and morose songs, particularly the excellent “Parker’s Eyes” and “Black and White World” – perhaps because those were the first songs that really stuck with me. Make no mistake; this is dense, challenging music that will take multiple listens to fully “get”. I’ve listened to this album over 10 times and still don’t feel like I’ve fully grasped it all.

The fact that the band can actually pull off a powerful, engaging live set with music this difficult is a testament to how good they really are. LIVE FROM THE PIT is a stand out live album that will easily please the band’s fans and serve as a great introduction to new fans as well.
Track Listing

1. Intro / Threads
2. The Suffocating Silence
3. Dreams from the Pit
4. Parker’s Eyes
5. Fall On You
6. Noonday Devil
7. Nocturnal
8. Stronger Than Death
9. The Origins of Ruin
10. Black and White World
11. The Death of Faith and Reason
12. Walls


Ray Alder: Vocals
Bernie Versailles: Guitar
Nick Van Dyk: Guitar
Greg Hosharian: Keyboards
Sean Andrews: Bass
Chris Quirarte: Drums



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