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Red Harvest
Internal Punishment Programs
January 2005
Released: 2004, Candlelight Records/NAP
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This newest recording by Norway’s long-running Industrial Metallers does not really compare, soundwise, with their previous release. This is not because it is inferior—it is not—but rather, it seems to be an altogether different sort of ‘bot. This is a new machine, gears and all.

Red Harvest seem to have streamlined their hard-wired sound. It appears more polarized between the Industrial and Metallic elements. Essentially a more honest version of what The Amenta sought to be, there are fewer Godflesh influences than you’d think—really, this is far closer in spirit to Velvet Acid Christ or Meathook Seed. Killing Joke remains a key reference, especially on tracks like “Mekanizm,” and there is lots of Skinny Puppyish “brapping” going on between the wall-of-guitar slabs.

On a surface note, the bass levels are higher up this time. There is a great “killer bees” style intro on “The Fall Of Fate;” it is a standout track, with a Treponem Pal or Cop Shoot Cop type feel. Old-school Industrial leanings on “Abstract Morality Junction” seem closer to old Front 242 than Black Metal. Genre-wise, this only further illustrates that they are not nailed to specifics anymore. Right after the brutal, unexpected Death Metal-like blast of “Teknocratic,” one gets an Industrial Metal highlight like “Synthesize My DNA,” another standout track, and perhaps the CD’s peak. Red Harvest are mechanized Scrap Metal saviours, neuromancers of the highest Death-Blast order. This will fry your circuits.

This is Industrial Death in every sense of the word. Ultimately, it should have a broad appeal—even the exclusionary Industrial Nation types should like this; it’s just well done. Brap out.
Track Listing

2.Anatomy Of The Unknown
3.Fall Of Fate
4.Abstract Morality Junction
6.Symbol Of Decay
8.Synthesize My DNA
11.Internal Punishment Programs


Lrz. - Samples, Programming, Synth
TurboNatas - Guitars
Ofu Kahn - Guitars, Vocals
Thomas B - Bass
E_Wroldsen - Drums

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Red Harvest
Internal Punishment Programs
February 2005
Released: 2004, Candlelight
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

One of the most underrated and under appreciated Norwegian acts that I can think of, Red Harvest have consistently fucked minds and reaped souls with their darker than black, industrialized electro-metal. Although I only discovered them via their 2000 release, COLD DARK MATTER (alongside many others, I assume, given that their early material is difficult to come by…reissue, anyone?), the band has been kicking around since the early 90s.

INTERNAL PUNISHMENT PROGRAMS is their latest, and continues the band’s tradition of marrying subsonic rhythms and down tuned riffing with a Black Metal aesthetic to stunning effect. Although this album contains a bit more of a Death Metal influence than the last couple of records, the atmosphere is still pitch dark, and the vibe pure horror.

What’s unique about Red Harvest is their ability to cross pollinate from so many sources, yet still remain uncategorizable as simply “Red Harvest Music”. Very few bands are able to achieve this inimitable style, Japan’s Sigh and fellow Norsemen Arcturus only being the few that come to mind. Red Harvest go beyond the Ministry/Manson styled Industrial Metal archetype and push the genre forward as far as it can go, and then some.

It’s truly a shame that the band isn’t more popular than they are, as I can really see the band appealing to fans of music as disparate as Skinny Puppy and Laibach, in addition to the Extreme Metal audience who is more likely to embrace them. I can only hope that INTERNAL PUNISHMENT PROGRAMS serves as the record which will launch the band to bigger and better things.

A talent that can no longer be kept unchecked, Red Harvest is one name you need to make yourself aware of.
Track Listing

1. Anatomy of the Unknown
2. Fall of Fate
3. Abstract Morality Junction
4. Mekanizm
5. Teknocrate
6. Synthesize My DNA
7. Wormz
8. 4-4-1-8
9. Internal Punishment Programs


Lrz.-samples, programming, synth
Ofu Kahn-guitars, vocals, maximum brutallicus
Thomas B-bass

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