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Sagas of Iceland – The History of the Vikings Volume 1
August 2005
Released: 2005, Massacre Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Rebellion comes from Frankfurt, Germany, and the band includes ex-members from Grave Digger, Uwe and Tomi, along with Bjoern, Michael and Gerd. Together they released Rebellions debut album SHAKESPEAR’S MACBETH – A TRAGEDY IN STEEL 2002,also a theme album, that was followed up by BORN A REBEL (03).

This new album is also a theme album, as you probably found out just by reading the very long title, and is about Vikings from different perspectives and angles that are Tomi’s big interest besides the music. He did a lot of research and the album is the first one in a trilogy (pt2 comes next year and pt3 in 07) and is all about Vikings from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Russia. Tomi says “Until today the Vikings symbolize romantic heroism based upon freedom, vastness and roughness. With our new album Rebellion digs out the historical facts behind the romantic facade of Viking history, based upon the sources of the world famous “Heimskringla”. This saga collection from Iceland delivers all a metal – concept –album needs: Heroes and their deeds”.

By this I think it’s pretty obvious that Rebellion plays typical traditional and slow German power metal, in fact I could place them to be from Germany just by listening to their music without even knowing where they are from. They are a perfect example of being put in the “Made in Germany” category.

Well, I can start off by mentioning the positive things about this album because they are the fewest. On the positive side we can add the lack of keyboards and the focus on using lead vocals, guitar/bass and drums. We have also the good thing that there are lead vocals all the way and they haven’t added any talking parts on the album. They have managed to get a pretty nice cover art-work too that really shows what the album is all about.

And now we’re quickly moving on to the negative things so I can finish off this review because this album was no fun to listen to at all. Their biggest problem is that the lead vocalist is totally lacking any possible vocal skills what so ever. Gerd have a really boring voice that mostly makes me wanna go to sleep, he alone drags down the rating and the music by himself. We have also got the terrible production that sound like any other production and got nothing out of the ordinary. And the fact that this is a theme album doesn’t give them any plus signs in my book either, I’d think it’s rather scary with people that are really obsessed with one thing and hey, it’s OK when they are studying it in their own home but when they starting to put out albums and forcing us to listen to it it has gone too far.

This album is 65 minutes and that is 65 minutes too long. It really feels like Rebellion has done a never ending album.

Rebellion have created an album that I really am not going to buy and that maybe is an achievement by itself, to make an album that no one really wants to buy?.

There are so many better bands in this genre and Rebellion really has to find their own expression to make it in this business. The only ones who can find something interesting in this must be the already blessed fans and fans that collect items of Grave Digger.

As you already may have figured out I don’t have any killer tracks, in fact I’m going to put away this album deep in a drawer and I’m never letting it come out again.
Track Listing

In memorandum Lindisfarnae
Ynglinga saga (To Odin we call)
The sons of the dragon slayer (Blood eagle)
Ragnhild’s dream
Harald Harfager
Eric the red
Freedom (The saga of gang Hrolf)
Sword in the storm (The saga of Earl Hakon, protector of Norway)
Blood rains (The saga of king Olaf Trygvarson)
Ruling the waves
Canute the great (The king of Danish pride)
Harald Hadrade


Uwe Lulis – guitar
Tomi Goettlich – bass
Bjoern Eilen – guitar
Michael Seifert – lead vocals
Gerd Luecking – drums

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