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Rebel Meets Rebel
October 2006
Released: 2006, Locomotive Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is an album released by the ex- Pantera members Darrell, Paul and Brown together with the old country/western singer David Allan Coe. This was the last album Dimebag did before his tragic death a couple of years ago. The music style isn’t unexpected for the hardcore fans of Pantera even though it’s quite different from what Pantera sounded like. Rebel Meets Rebel treats us with a delicious dish of southern country/western/blues along with the trademark Pantera riffs.

Even though the album has its ups and downs the songs that are absolutely worth listenening twice to are “Nothing To Lose”, “Rebel Meets Rebel”, “Get Outta My Life” and “Time”. Every single one of those songs are really heavy country/Pantera metal with Dimebag in the middle throwing bone-braking scull crushing guitar riffs in the way only he could deliver them.

David Allan Coe’s whiskey soaked hoarse voice along with Vinnie Paul’s furious drum play works brilliant together. In the second track there’s a crazy violin-player that can’t keep up with the rest of the guys, it sounds like the poor bastard is high on speed when he plays, that’s how fast it goes from time to time. Dimebag shows his more sensitive side in the semi-acoustic and slower “Panfito” and “N.Y.C Streets”. Even though most of the material feels solid as a rock there are a few lows in “Cowboys Do More Dope”, “One Nite Stands” and “Heart Worn Highway” but luckily they aren’t so many.

This album lies absolutely in the outside of their discography and outside of what Pantera normally did but its fun, warm and intense to listen to. It makes you smile to hear Dimebag play like he used to so it doesn’t matter. I can strongly recommend this album to every fan of Pantera and it’s a great way of remembering the great and late Dimebag, a guitar hero for many out there.
Track Listing

Nothin To Lose
Rebel Meets Rebel
Cowboys Do More Dope
Heart Worn Highway
One Nite Stands
Arizona Rivers
Get Outta My Life
Cherokee Cry
No Compromise
N.Y.C Streets


Dimebag Darrel – guitar
Vinnie Paul – drums
Rex Brown – bass
David Allan Coe – lead vocals

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