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September 2001
Released: 2001, Hammerheart Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

UH-HUH-UUH... YARG! ...DAMN!! The Brazilian death commando Rebaelliun strikes again with a totally all annihilating album, smartly somewhat aptly titled, -eh! ANNIHILATION. In fact, they could hardly have chosen a better title for their 2nd full-length outburst as you get a nearly 40-minutes, intense annihilation which has been spread wide open in the front of your eyes by a ruthless "no-fuckin'-mercy-kill-them-all" mentality of these death warriors. The album tears you apart slice by slice 'til you are even a half way through it and makes you understand why Brazilian Death Metal scene has been receiving so hot headlines in the metal press these days. After you have heard ANNIHILATION, the only thing that you may wonder, is how in the Hell they can be so ultra-extreme and so fuckin' mega-murderous on "Annihilation"?! How do they do it exactly? Are they driven by an extra dose of adrenaline that only is running in the veins of Brazilian metal people and what we others don't have at all?! However, in intensity, this stuff beats even their fellow countrymen Krisiun, but lacks in catchiness a little bit compared to Mr.Camargo and his other 2 'jungle brothers'. Also, I don't like the way how their skin-pounder Sandro Moreira gives lessons for his drums simply because there's just too much those blast beat parts for just one album. Sure, he has already proved he's fast as a hungry shark, but I think he really should try to slow down a little bit and try out something else just for a change instead in my opinion. Too much that blast beat mayhem is definitely too much even for an experienced listener; more variation for his drum work wouldn't harm or ruin the brutality of their songs that drastically - at least he should give a try for it.

Some of the best, most intense moments are experienced in such songs as in the opener and title track "Annihilation" which is like a slap of a wet yet heavy whiplash straight on your face - and in the 2nd song, "Rebellious Vengeance" you get whiplashed even more - and more and more both in "Unleash the Fire" as well as in "Unborn Conseration". Possibly the stand-out tracks off the album, but obviously it's me who got thrilled by these songs and you may get thrilled by totally different songs.

ANNIHILATION is a remarkable album for bringing Brazil even closer to the forefront of the worldwide Death Metal scene - and along with albums like AGELESS VENOMOUS by Krisiun and EVOKING THE ABOMINATION by Abhorrence I can only believe that a massive invasion of young, Brazilian underground Death Metal bands to come in the coming next couple of years or so.

"Made in Brazil" - it's got a more serious meaning now than those famous Chiquita -bananas only.
Track Listing

01. Annihilation
02. Rebellious Vengeance
03. Steel Siege
04. Red Spikes
05. Unleash the Fire
06. Unborn Consecration
07. God of a Burned Land
08. Bringer of War
09. Defying the Plague


Marcello Marzari - Bass & vocals
Ronaldo Lima - Guitars
F. Penna Correa - Guitars
Sandro M. - Drums

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