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January 2011
Released: 2010, Unsigned
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Melodic death metal is a genre of ever increasing proliferation, and now comes Reaver to throw their name in the hat. Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, the band formed in 2007 and spent the next three years honing their craft to offer up their debut LP, 2010’s CORVUS. The band sent me a fully realized and professionally produced CD, complete with lyrics and respectable cover art, quite impressive for an unsigned band. Happily, the music contained within matched the dedication and effort of the package.

The opening track, “God Weapon” grabbed me immediately featuring a melodic keyboard intro and acoustic guitar, gradually building to melodic guitars before an articulate tremolo riff and bowel curdling growl. Brandon Reynolds vocals are exactly the kind I like for melodic death metal, discernible and devoid of constant growls, a worthy combination of Anders Fridén and Max Cavalera. Likewise the guitar work is stellar, tight, and confident, happily fusing Iron Maiden’s penchant for harmonic twin leads with In Flames minor key aggression. Drummer Cam Saunders smartly avoids the clichéd blast beasts, unnecessary fills, and general overplaying that is characteristic of most death metal percussions.

From a production point of view, this is top notch. True, it is a little lacking in punch, but that is to be expected without the backing of a major label. Only minor complaints are that the album is a little long, with only one song clocking in at under five and a half minutes and a sort of samey sound to most of the songs. The tempos are mostly mid-paced and the songs could have benefited from a little more variation in that respect. However, when the dust has settled these are minor gripes on what is a fantastic debut from a band that merits attention and a shot at a major label. Recommended for fans of In Flames, Dark Tranquility and melodic death metal in general.
Track Listing

1. God Weapon

2. Duality Exposed

3. Disappearing Act

4. Wither And Fade

5. Barricade

6. Unholy Justice

7. The Mute Harbinger

8. Inverted Coma

9. Corvus


Brandon Reynolds - Vocals
Michael Gignac - Guitar
Josh Desjarlais - Guitar
Brad Kennedy - Bass
Cam Saunders - Drums

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