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Total Lack Of Communication
October 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Re-Armed may not be one of the metal world's best known bands but these Finnish brutalisers should be a part of anyone's collection that loves memorable riffs laden with elements of thrash, death, groove and touches of grind (a perfect combination in my opinion). Re-Armed have brought out two previous full releases since forming in 2001 and last year's 'Rottendam' release seems to have created a mass tsunami of molten metal which they are still spreading throughout whilst adding more power and surge with this three track EP. 'Total Lack Of Communication' may be small in stature-lasting a little under 12 minutes-but the noise and sounds emitting from this are huge. They will fall under the fairly diluted Gothenburg style that was prevalent from Swedish/Finnish bands in the last decade, a style which about five years ago was becoming a bit stale and overdone but Re-Armed may be the band to reignite the flame that sent out such crushing music when it first ploughed through the metal world.

There is no need to hold back in the opening stages and the title track kicks off the proceedings with vile ferocity. The riffs are exemplary and potent, the timing and switches between structure are expertly designed and ruthlessly executed. The way each segment of riffs break into the next has been done with great purpose as all the allying forces within the band combine with mechanical efficiency. This does not in any way bring a sterile feel to this as the riffs are dirty, the drumming is ferocious and the vocals are gritty. Re-armed continue this unrelenting barrage through to the second track 'Meant To Be Broken' which gets things started with an excellent groove laden riff, reminiscent of Lamb of God at their finest. The aggression is bountiful and again the timings and switches through modes are exceptional. The song does add extra textures with a synth backing before the track breaks down into a haunting creep before exploding again with a massive solo which breaks down to a return into the main body of song.

The last track 'Unhuman' brings a double edged sword of sorts whilst retaining the heavy elements of the previous tracks but coupling this with more melodic parts such as the scale at the beginning of the song. It reveals a wider knowledge of how to utilise several musical nuances that brings the potential to build elaborate structures of composition into songs which just adds layers upon layers to what the band are producing. The anger and potency of the music doesn't lose out due to this, rather it provides more space to enhance their brutal edge. 'Unhuman' leaves more food for thought and also serves to build a deep appetite for more.

This three track taster certainly exhibits a wide berth of talent amongst the line up which has gone through several changes since the creation of the band. There is a staggeringly good amount of conviction in the music that the band have produced here and in the past. They have a new fan in myself as this just agrees with my tastes so righteously. The band are worth their weight in steel and aggression so are well worth a proper listen. An eye and an ear will be kept on this band in the future and safe to say a few more additions to the ever growing collection will be made.

Review By Pete Mutant
Track Listing

1. Total Lack Of Communication
2. Meant To Be Broken
3. Unhuman


Jussi Venäläinen - Guitars
Juhana Heinonen - Bass and Backup Vocals
Jouni Matilainen - Lead Vocals
Mika Oinonen - Guitars and Backup Vocals
Iiro Karjalainen - Drums

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