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Another Dimension
October 2013
Released: 2012, Inferno Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This month will be reviewing a number of releases on the small, but very cool French label, Inferno Records. There have a decent roster of about 20 bands from around the world that they release on vinyl, Cassette and CD. This month I will be reviewing releases by Axecutor (Brazil) Clenched Fist (Brazil), Death Rides a Horse (Denmark), Elvenstorm (France), Lady Beast (USA), Prime Evil (USA), Rampart (Bulgaria), Razorwyre (New Zealand). Please feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this feature.

In one sense I’ve felt that the New Zealand Metal scene suffers from some of the same disadvantages as Canada; namely, geographic isolation and small population base. One band that has surmounted these obstacles is Razorwyre. They started the band a few years ago with the unfortunate name of Gaywyre and made the logical change to Razorwyre. ANOTHER DIMENSION is their debut album, which came out in late 2012, and despite a plain name for the album, the album cover art is really cool. They have a cool, spiky logo in ‘metal’ font as well, so it all looks awesome.

Musically and sonically, Razorwyre is a fantastic slab o’ steel. When I listen to ANOTHER DIMENSION I’m transported to back to the days of Noise Records and Banzai Records and bands like Iron Angel, Thrasher and Thrust, when bands dared to dance on the razors edge of Speed, Power and Thrash all in one amped up version of Priest and Maiden. The 10 songs run 42 minutes and every cut is top notch.

The lyrics on ANOTHER DIMENSION are above average with tales of war and glory. The lyrics have a distinct historical slant with songs about WWII (Desert Inferno) and a very cool song called ‘The Fort’ which is a surviving member of the French Foreign Legion who survived a zombie attack on Fort Louie Philippe in North Africa in 1893. Zombies are Metal. Another absolute highlight track for me is ‘Fight Or Be Fucked’. Now, with a title like that you would think the lyrics might not be that deep. Truth be told the song title doesn’t really match the story of a pair of snipers. The songs simple pounding beat, soaring vocals and gang chants of ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ are just superb! What takes this cut from good to great is about the 2:45 mark the song switches gear and almost becomes a whole new song with a long-ish slow part, right where a conventional song might have a solo. At the 5:00 minute mark or so the song takes off again and races to the finish line.

The vocals of Z-Chylde are excellent, lots of range, power and high notes as he weaves the aforementioned tales of high adventure. The guitar work of Chris Calavrias is exciting with some good solos as well. Razorwyre have really put out a very special debut and I hope more people get to enjoy this album that should appeal to a wide variety of Metal fans.
Track Listing

1. The Conjuror (Shaman's Wrath)
2. Knights of Fire
4. Nightblade
5. Another Dimension (Of Hell)
6. The Infinite
7. Desert Inferno
8. The Fort
9. Speed Warrior
10. Windcaller
11. Hangman's Noose


Z-Chylde Vocals
Chris Calavrias Guitar
James Murray Guitar
Tim Shann Bass
Nick Oakes Drums

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