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Razor Fist
Metal Minds
October 2009
Released: 2009, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Speed metal merchants and thrash bangers from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, known better as Razor Fist, have returned back to the limelight with their 2nd album, METAL MINDS, continuing their holy crusade to cleanse this world of all wimps and posers.

Razor Fist debuted with RAZOR FIST FORCE that was released in 2006, and this 2nd album of theirs, is a slightly more complex effort musically than R.F.F. The band still sounds like a wild, relentless and almost hysterical bunch on their 2nd effort, mixing speed metal, thrash metal, N.W.O.B.H.M. and some hardcore/punk together successfully, managing to carve a relatively wide grin of satisfaction to the face of yours truly.

What I find so cool about Razor Fist is the fact they have brought fun back to speed and thrash metal again. The band´s lyrics have been written in a very tongue-in-cheek vein, which is something that you do not necessarily see many bands doing that often any more as back in the day, some 20 years ago. Their mostly fast-paced, rockin´ speed metal pays great homage to the past times; the times when bands like Agent Steel, Raven, Razor, Vectom, Exciter and many others of the very caliber, ruled the earth from one continent to another – and all the way across the lands and seas. And talking about the latter mentioned act, the Razor Fist vocalist – answering to the artist name T.K. Xanax, reminds me a bit of Dan Beehler of (ex-)Exciter every now and then, but also Tim Baker from Cirith Ungol and Katon de Pena from Hirax in some occasional moments.

METAL MINDS is a really good disc from start to end if you happen to dig relatively simplified, humor-orientated speed metal fun in the true 80s spirit and mentality. Listening to Razor Fist makes one feeling really like turning clock back in time, and re-experiencing all over again. Is this something that we could sincerely call ´a good and friendly fun´ again? I guess so…
Track Listing

01. Fury of the Warrior
02. Metal Minds
03. Runner
04. Cosmic Hearse Driver
05. The Seer
06. First Strike
07. Thirst for Disfear
08. Silver Howler
09. Breath of Fire
10. Loud into the Night


T.K. Xanax - Vocals & guitar
Nick Moyle - Guitar
TJ LaFever - Bass
Dave Patterson - Drums

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