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July 2003
Released: 2003, Perris Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s time for another melodic rock round up! What could be better than enjoying a hot summer day, driving around in a your convertible cranking the melodic metal? Perris Records has released a new batch of discs just in time for your super summer barbeque or picnic. After all who wants to listen to Black Metal bands screaming about the eternal winter frost when it’s hot and sunny out and you are having a few beers with friends?

New releases by Razamanaz, a double shot of Pretty Boy Floyd and Hollywood Hairspray Vol II are all you need to get your party started.

Did you ever wonder where the glam guys went in the mid 90’s? did they quit the music biz? Did they go work in a show store? Well, many of them despite the lack of a label deal or radio support continued to soldier on. One such individual is Michael Kelly Smith of Britney Fox. In 1993 when things went south for some bands MKS formed Razamanaz and played bars, recorded sporadically and finally these little gems are seeing the light of day.

Razamanaz play a very decent style of melodic metal, not too glammy and not too bluesy, but just solid and fun songs. This discs has covers by Kiss and Paul Revere and because I’m not familiar with Paul Revere at all I’m not sure which cuts are the covers and which are originals! I wish the info that came with the disc was more complete. They don’t seem to have a web-site but I did discover there is a Swedish band called Razamanaz too! The production is quite good and the song arrangements are quite traditional, with the cut ‘Feel it’ standing out in my mind as the best. Vocalist Cory Massi has the right voice for this material but certainly not awe-inspiring. The whole band is competent and delivers the goods but need to take it to the next level.

The problem I have with this is it is a weak introduction to band with a ten year history. Is this the best they could come up with in ten years for a debut self-titled CD? I would much rather have seen these covers and odds and ends appear as bonus tracks or on a compilation of rarities. Razamanaz should have kicked the door down with 12-14 new, kick-ass tunes. The cover is pretty poor as well. It is a competitive market and I thought that a veteran like MKS would appreciate some of the subtle things a band MUST do to compete these days.

However, I’d still rather have this available than not at all and it is a fun disc. Let’s hope the next offering is a little more consistent with new material. Visit
Track Listing

1. Urgency
2. Feel It
3. King Of The Nighttime World
4. Seasons of Winter
5. Kicks
6. In The Dust
7. Make You Mine
8. Call Of The Wild
9. Swamp Slide/Bad Fellin Blues
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw
11. Tied Up
12. Walk, Don’t Run
13. In The Dust (alt version)
14. Pain
15. Make You Mine (alt version)


Cory Massi-Vocals, Guitar
Michael Kelly Smith-Guitar
Joe Bisbing-Bass
Steve Attig-Drums



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