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We March Forward
January 2015
Released: 2013, Eat Metal Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

In my mind, the Metal scene in Portugal is very similar to that of the Metalscene in France. Both scenes are large, have lots of domestic talent, and high quality bands but the domestic scene lacks the infrastructure to take those bands onto the international stage. Language may be a barrier as well but if you dig deep you can find cool bands like Ravensire.

This quintet from Lisbon plays a solid style of 80’s traditional, classic Metal and WE MARCH FORWARD is their first step of many as their debut, full-length. They are signed to the little Greek label, Eat Metal Records, which is a good place for them as they specialize in this stuff. I think it might have got some distro in North America via StormSpell. I like the old style black and white cover and the band name is cool as well. The album art looks like it came right out of one of my old issues of The Savage Sword Of Conan. In fact there is a whole medieval/battle theme running through the album. When was the last time you saw the word ‘portcullis’ in a song title? Very cool!

With the exception of the brief, acoustic guitar based intro all the songs are in the five minute range. They stomp and pound along in mid-paced territory the band never gets fast and that is perhaps one of my chief complaints, I would like to see a bit more fire and energy. They remind me of slower Running Wild a little bit, but that could be in part because of the rough vocals of Rick Thor. Even though the band is a new formation, most of the guys are veterans of the Portuguese scene having played in other bands in other styles.

The songs on WE MARCH FORWARD are quite simple, but effective. The solos are solid but not too flashy and they riffs are decent as well. These guys have perfected a style that was perfect in 1984 and I’m glad to see that they are true to the original sound of bands like Manilla Road and really old Grave Digger and Running Wild and obscure bands like Medieval Steel that all the retro kids are rediscovering these days. With a little more adventure and speed I think these guys could have a future beyond the borders of their homeland.
Track Listing

1. Dark Abyss
2. Night of the Beastslayer
3. Gates of Ilion
4. Fate Is Inexorable
5. Drawing the Sword
6. Iron Pits
7. Mire of Delusion
8. Homecoming
9. Beyond the Portcullis
10. Warriors to the Slaughter


F Drums
Zé RockHard Guitar
Nuno Mordred Guitar
Rick Thor Vocals, Bass

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