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Ravens Creed
September 2009
Released: 2009, Doomentia
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Stu Occupier

Ravens Creed were formed in late 2006 by Steve Watson (ex-Iron Monkey) and Jay Graham (ex-Skyclad and former session drummer for Tony Iommi). Steve then contacted his friend, Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) and Martyn Millard (Orange Goblin) and asked them if they fancied climbing aboard the sturdy bullet-ridden tank and melting brains with riffs, the foursome recorded the Militia of blood sacrifice 7" and it was released worldwide by Land O' smiles records (ltd to 500 80mg copies).

The band rehearsed whenever possible and it sounded like a lead fire door being attacked by crazed escapees from a lunatic asylum. Now with the nest working at full capacity it is time for all and sundry to take cover from the carpet bombing assault that is to follow!

Martyn Millard left in January 2008 due to lack of time to rehearse and he was replaced by Frazer Craske (ex-Sabbat). Last year there were more gigs and an amazing ep (Reviewed elsewhere in this blog), but now we have a full blown album, time to hit play, crank it up and run for cover!! Fucking hell it starts with a woman screaming and then just blasts into the most brutal old school heavy metal and it doesn't stop!

I love the catchy "Bring out your dead" line from 'Pox Mortis' and the song has a real punch in the guts riff. 'The Power Of Spite' has a stoner/doom quality about it and it comes in at just over 5 minutes which is quite a surprise as most of the tracks are a lot shorter. We then continue the aural assault until the end with the same speed and fury and no filler tracks.

Ravens Creed are to my mind the only band who truly understand black metal originators Venom, they have managed to capture that chaos that Cronos did when he fused those punk influences with Motorhead back in 1979/80. There are no frills here, its just pure and hits the spot like a triple shot of absinthe!
Track Listing

01.Peace Through Superior Firepower
02.Pear Of Anguish
04.Butcher Of The Whore
05.Pox Mortis
06.The Power Of Spite
07.Hail The Warbeast
08 Stand up and Be Cunted
10.Spy On Your Swine
11.Storm The Gates
12.Unholy Force Of Extraordinary Magnitude


Steve Watson (Guitar)
Jay Graham (Drums)
Ben Ward (Vocals)
Frazer Craske (Bass)

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