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Forged In The Fire Of Metal
August 2011
Released: 2011, Pitch Black Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

R.U.S.T. hail from Agioi Trimithias, Cyprus and perform a convincing and traditional style of old school heavy metal. Active since 2004, the band have a previos demo and single released prior to FORGED IN THE FIRE OF METAL the band's debut full length studio release.

FORGED IN THE FIRE OF METAL opens with the cracking of thunder before melodic riffs of steel and a barrage of thundering drums captivate the listener with a classic heavy metal approach on "The Thunder Rolls". There are some twin leads reminiscent of older Iron Maiden and the vocal approach is mid range, a bit gruff, yet powerful. "Metal Child" follows and is a right ass kicker that harkens back to the musical ideals of our metal forefathers with it's driving beat and wild in the streets lyrical imagery. Total metal worship by a band of true blue metal warriors.

"Phoenix In The Night" sounds totally dated and I love that. Almost German sounding in feel, similar to Gravestone if I had to be particular. Vocalist Tasos Karonias demonstrates that he can hit the high notes with the best of them, though he sticks to mid range for the better part of this disc. "Lady of the Lake" has a cinematic spoken word intro. Something to the effect of "Take the sword, you are the chosen one". This tune begins like a ballad before bridging into meaner territory. The rhythm section of bassist George Xanthou and drummer Giannis Xanthou carry the verse section on this tune, saving the explosive fretwork of the tandem of guitarists Panagiotis Xanthou and Adamos Adamou for the chorus. (Is it strange that three of the five band members apparently have the same last name?) The title track on FORGED IN THE FIRE OF METAL closes the album much like it began, with dyed in the wool, classic true metal glory (Eat your fucking hearts out Slipknot).

It should be apparent to the listener that by no means are R.U.S.T. trying to reinvent the wheel. Some of the lyrical themes may sound cliched. Some of the music may sound dated, but their love of heavy metal rings loud and clear and if you love heavy metal too than this release is most certainly for you.
Track Listing

1. The Thunder Rolls
2. Metal Child
3. We Are Rock N' Roll
4. Phoenix In The Night
5. Streets Of Rock N' Roll
6. Lady Of The Lake
7. Straight To The Top
8. Queen Of The Amazons
9. The Beginning
10. Forged In The Fire Of Metal


Tasos Karonias - Vocals
Panagiotis Xanthou - Guitars, Violin
Adamos Adamou - Guitars
George Xanthou - Bass
Giannis Xanthou - Drums



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