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Empire (20th Anniversary Ed.)
October 2010
Released: 2010, EMI
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since EMPIRE first came out. EMPIRE is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed OPERATION MINDCRIME which is viewed by many as the band’s greatest release. For this reviewer it is this (EMPIRE) that the band had their greatest moment. How could you go wrong with such amazing songs like “Silent Lucidity”, “Jet City Woman”, “Best I Can” and the killer title track?

Each and everyone of us knows EMPIRE from start to finish and owns or have owned it in some from be it an old beat up and worn out cassette tape to the 24k Gold DCC version. It is one of those albums that is timeless and needs not be discussed.

For it’s 20th Anniversary the people at EMI/Capitol have issued a deluxe double disc set complete with the original album, a trio of bonus songs as well as 10 live tracks. These live tracks were recorded back in 1990 at London’s infamous Hammersmith Odeon. This 1990 concert recording shows us how tight they were back at the height of their career. This recording is almost too perfect and makes you wonder if they went into the studio to doctor it up like many have. Either way it is good to rear some classic ‘ryche from back in the day, especially for those of us that never had the privilege of witnessing it in person.

A nice package for the 20th Anniversary with some extras for the fans. It is worth a repurchase if you need the extras or are a Queensryche completist.
Track Listing

# Best I Can" (DeGarmo) – 5:34
# "Thin Line" - (DeGarmo, Tate, Wilton) – 5:42
# "Jet City Woman" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 5:22
# "Della Brown" (DeGarmo, Rockenfield, Tate) – 7:04
# "Another Rainy Night (Without You)" (DeGarmo, Jackson, Tate) – 4:29
# "Empire" (Tate, Wilton) – 5:24
# "Resistance" (Tate, Wilton) – 4:50
# "Silent Lucidity" (DeGarmo) – 5:48
# "Hand On Heart" (DeGarmo, Tate, Wilton) – 5:33
# "One & Only" (DeGarmo, Wilton) – 5:54
# "Anybody Listening?" (DeGarmo, Tate) – 7:41


Geoff Tate
Chris DeGarmo
Michael Wilton
Eddie Jackson
Scott Rockenfield



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