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April 2007
Released: 2006, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Quietus was a one-man project of one Chris Waters. Kicking around in the U.S. underground since 2000, Quietus’ output was minimal, releasing only a demo release in 2002 and this full-length last year before calling it quits. Blacker than black but swept by deathly winds (my fancy pants way of saying that this is one of those black/death hybrid projects), Quietus is a vanity project through and through, as Chris wrote and played everything on BOW, with the exception of drums on “The Destroyer”.

However, Quietus is definitely not one of those morbid & mournful one-man bands, no, Chris’ vision definitely falls onto the hateful, nihilistic side of things. Appropriately, Waters’ vocals are venom-soaked howls of agony, even if at times he sounds like a Muppet with a wrench up his ass. As for the music, it’s rote, by-the-numbers black/death that you’ve heard a thousand times since 1998. Because of the live drums, “The Destroyer” does stand out a little bit, but the song itself is just another in the long line of dull blasts that comprise the album.

Given that the music is so single-minded, I have to ask, “Why are most of them so long?” Of the nine full songs (“Bow” is an intro), three of them are longer than five minutes, with three others hovering near that mark. This is completely unnecessary. Trust me, none of these songs are interesting enough to warrant that type of length.

You can’t really fault the vision and single-minded approach behind Quietus, but unfortunately BOW is just poorly executed. I hate to say it, but the loss of Quietus is not a big one.
Track Listing

1) Bow
2) Bloodsworn
3) The Destroyer
4) Cleanser
5) Fade
6) Fallen
7) Sisitu Uggae Xul
8) Nihilistic Warlords
9) Chaotisphere
10) Through the Burning Cosmos


Chris Waters: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synths, Drum Programming
Iwan Hendrix: Drums on “The Destroyer”

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