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Patterson, Dayal
Black Metal-The Cult Never Dies Volume One (Book Review)
January 2017
Released: 2015, Cult Never Dies
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

As of December 2016, I thought I had completed collecting and enjoying the published works of Black Metal expert Dayal Patterson. I had just acquired (legally!) his second book BLACK METAL-THE CULT NEVER DIES VOLUME ONE when he announced that same moth his new book. The man is prolific! I’m sure I will review his new work (THE CULT NEVER DIES-THE MEGA ZINE) and I have already reviewed his other works here on

Self-published back in 2015 (Cult 002!) this book is essentially continuation of his first well-received title BLACK METAL-EVOLUTION OF THE CULT, first published in 2013. This well-appointed paperback runs just under 300 pages and has a good number of interesting black and white photos. BLACK METAL is a collection of interviews and writings from Patterson’s role as a writer for man years, working for Terrorizer and Metal Hammer as well as his own ‘zine, called Crypt.

The book is divided into three main sections ‘Norway Revisited’, ‘Polish Black Metal’ and ‘Depressive Black Metal’. Each section has a map, essays, interviews and many photos of cassette demos and early publicity shots, all likely from the authors own collection. THE CULT NEVER DIES-VOLUME ONE is more than just a collection of interviews with bands like Satyricon, Gorogoroth, Kampfar and Bethlehem. There is analysis and insightful commentary as well. I found the story of the early days of Moonfog Records especially interesting. One of Pattersons strengths as an author is that he makes no apologies for or judgements about Black Metal, he is able to really get a good rapport and dialogue going with the artists being interviewed. He doesn’t use a straight-up Q&A style, he integrates facts and figures into monolithic interviews that are very insightful. I especially enjoyed his piece on Bethlehem, a band I have had a soft spot for as one of the early DSBM bands I discovered on my own back in the day.

This companion piece really does extended the scope and scale of the first book. There is so much material to cover, it would be virtually impossible to document it all, so I really enjoy where Patterson is doing with this series. BLACK METAL-THE CULT NEVER DIES is a essential companion price to his first book, one for all fans of the Black Metal underground. For the record you can order all of these great books I’ve referenced as well as some merchandise at the authors well-designed and attractive website.

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