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Patrick Hemer
More Than Meets The Eye
January 2012
Released: 2011, MBR Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Ex-Horizon guitarist Patrick Hemer is a long-time studio musician, just getting around to releasing his first solo album. I’ve never heard of Horizon, but apparently the band saw some success in Japan about ten years ago...that set up sounds like a the beginning of a joke. Moving on.

Although Hemer is undoubtedly a virtuoso guitarist, he thankfully made the decision to add vocals and keep the instrumentals to a minimum (2 songs). Therefore what we get is an interesting mixture of progressive power metal and melodic hard rock that you might hear on a Brazen Abbot album (check out “The Godfather” for proof – those melodies are a dead-ringer for the Abbot). As you would expect from a guitarist’s solo album, the songs are centred around the instrument, with even Hemer’s capable vocals taking a backseat. The eleven songs on the album allow Hemer plenty of room to show off his skills, and while t he solos are indeed impressive, what sticks with me the most is Hemer’s ability to craft memorable riffs, whether it be the swirling “Edge of Insanity” or the surprisingly aggressive “Thorn In My Flesh”. There are definitely some great songs on the album, but it feels padded out by filler, whether it’s dull, thudding power metal (“Guilty”), boring balladry (“For All Eternity”), or a surprisingly lifeless cover of Queen’s “Death On Two Legs”. Songs like these drag the album down from great to simply good, making MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE a definite “try before you buy”.
Track Listing

1. Up from the Ashes
2. Thorn in My Flesh
3. Edge of Insanity
4. For All Eternity
5. Firelight
6. The Godfather
7. Panem Et Circenses
8. Legend In Your Own Mind
9. Death On Two Legs
10. Guilty
11. Terra Incognita


Patrick Hemer: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
David Cassanova: Keyboards
Tom Wagner: Drums

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