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March 2008
Released: 2007, Sensory / Intromental
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This debut album comes from the Italian act Pathosray, originally formed in 2000 under the name N.D.E. They soon established their own sound which was a mix of heavy metal/progressive metal with hints of 70’s symphonic prog-rock. Their first demo came out in 2001 and the band changed their name to Pathosray. The demo went over really well and landed the band several gigs in Italy and in 2006 Fabio D’Amore and Gianpaolo Rinaldi joined the band. A new demo was released and work on the debut began at the end of 2006. The demo was later sent to the Danish company Intromental Management who liked what they heard and helped the band find a label. Sensory Records inked a deal with the band and here they are now.

Technical and progressive metal influenced by melodic symphonic metal is what this self-titled album treats us to and it sounds damn good to be honest. The tempo is partly slow, but still heavy and the members are all amazing musicians. Dream Theater, Symphony X, Eldritch and Fates Warning are obvious namedrops for similar bands, but Pathosray have only drawn influences from them, not copied them.

Singer Marco Sandron has an unbelievable voice that can carry anything forward and he has very good English as well. Guitarist Alessio Velliseig has a very dynamic guitar style and he manages to play technical, fast and heavy at the same time. And since it’s quite progressive there are a lot of keyboards involved in the production, but the keyboard doesn’t take over the music; instead, it adds depth and variation. It’s nice when keyboard is used as a complement to the music.

An intro starts off the 9-track, 60-minute album. It doesn’t feel too long because of the very high standard that both the music and the production managed to maintain throughout the album. It takes a while before you can fully appreciate this sometimes experimental album, but it’s worth waiting for. All of the songs can stand on their own and it’s great that a totally new act can blow you away. It’s really hard to pick any killer tracks so I’ll say that the entire album is a feast of killer tracks.
Track Listing

1. Free of Doubt
2. Faded Crystals
3. Lines to Follow
4. Scent of Snow
5. Sorrow Never Dies
6. The Sad Game
7. In Salicias Umbra
8. Strange Kind of Energy
9. Emerald City


Marco Sandron – lead vocals
Fabio D’Amore – bass
Ivan Moni Bidin – drums
Gianpaolo Rinaldi – keyboards
Alessio Velliseig – guitar

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May 2008
Released: 2007, Laser Edge
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Progressive metal has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in the last couple of years. Where there used to be a glut of Dream Theater clones, a number of original-sounding bands have made their presence known recently: Communic, Pagan’s Mind, Anubis Gate, and Andromeda to name but a few. Now we have Italians Pathosray joining the fray with this, their debut album.

My colleague Anders has already reviewed this album (check the link below) and has given a good overview of the band’s history, so I’ll skip all that and get right down to business with the album. Once the intro is out of the way (yawn), the band jump into the 8+ minute technical feast of “Faded Crystals”. Yes kids, this is a prog-metal album! However, the band quickly erases any doubts with a staggering display of integrated chops and hooks. Yes, this is progressive, but the band has not forgotten to make the music catchy enough to latch onto for repeated listens. It helps that vocalist Marco Sandron has an absolutely stand out voice that is instantly recognizable. He puts in a star-making performance throughout the entire album.

Of course, being that Pathosray is a progressive group, the rest of the band are no slouches on their instruments either. As I said, this is a technical album through and through, but in truth I barely noticed. These are such strong songs that you almost forget the progressive aspect and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

While “Scent of Snow” and “Sorrow Never Dies” are the two immediately catchy songs on the album – “The Sad Game” is the heaviest – you will want to listen to the whole album again and again to uncover its less obvious pleasures. That, my friends, is the mark of a truly great album. All prog-metal fans should check this band out – you will not be disappointed.
Track Listing

1) Free of Doubt
2) Faded Crystals
3) Lines to Follow
4) Scent of Snow
5) Sorrow Never Dies
6) The Sad Game
7) In Salicis Umbra
8) Strange Kind of Energy
9) Emerald City


Marco Sandron: Vocals
Alessio Velliseig: Guitars
Fabio D’Amore: Bass
Ivan Moni Bidin: Drums
Gianpaolo Rinaldi: Keyboards

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