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Awaken To The Suffering
June 2012
Released: 2012, Victory Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

American Death Metallers Pathology have been craving quite a name for themselves. Having formed in 2006, the band has toured with some of the biggest names in genre such as Nile and Deicide and with fifth recording Awaken To The Suffering, it’s easy to picture them standing alongside these giant names and tearing up all the venues they’ve played together.

Opening with ‘Dissected by righteousness’ the bombardment of heavy riffs, double kick pedals, pitch harmonics and deep throated growls and a lead guitar driven solo to carry the chaos forward.

‘Ingestion of Creation’ begins in a similar fashion as throat tearing vocals remain consistent throughout the layers of riffs and speedy drums, along with some tech lead guitar moments thrown in for good measure. Next up, ‘Hostility towards conformity’ crushes everything within its destructive wake of riffs and pounding drums as they glide along in a Gatling gun procession. Vocally, ‘Media Consumption’ fits the bill for a demonic invasion of earth with deeper growls driven by sinister riffs that burst forth from a dark lit vibrancy.

‘Prolong The Suffering’ is a reminder that the short length of their songs, in this case 1:14 still are able to pack a serious punch in a small duration of time, as the drums come crashing down giving the song enough density that reinforce the laws of gravity. While ‘Humanity’s Cesspool’ strikes out as one of the albums best written tracks with its relentless assault on the senses.

Closing off with ‘Revocation of Earth’ a melodic clean guitar offers the only shade of light on the record for listeners to catch their breath on this whirl-wind of a ride. This sombre and somewhat reflexive tone was one that I found a most welcoming and an appropriate place to end the record.

In a way this is by no means an accessible listen to please the ears, as the constant emphasis on brutality does become tiresome to the untrained ear and the uneducated mind. However, this is clearly not constructed to allure newbie’s to the genre but one that fortifies principles of Death Metal and it is guaranteed to please loyalist fans. While this may not be the most revolutionary record to hit your music collection it does make up for with well-grounded execution of style and sound.

Review by: Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Dissected By Righteousness
2. Ingestion of Creation
3. Hostility Towards Conformity
4. Media Consumption
5. Society’s Desclation
6. Prolong The Suffering
7. A Perverse Existence
8. Humanity’s Cesspool
9. Festering In Filth
10. Opposing Globalization
11. Emises
12. Revocation of Earth.


Dave Astor- drums
Jonathan Huber - vocals
Oscar Ramirez - bass guitar
Kevin Schwartz- guitar

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