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July 2003
Released: 2003, Century Media
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I was pretty disappointed with this disc. My expectations weren’t too high as the band were very open and honest about stating that this was to be a very pop-oriented modern rock album. When the band throws around names like Tea Party your expectations start pretty low.

I’m glad to say (and sad to say), this hailed side-project of dudes from In Flames and Gardenian met my expectations. They delivered a modern rock album with catchy tunes, pop sensibilities adequate musicianship. However, this bland style of alt-rock sends shivers down my spine as it play to every corporate cliché in the mainstream music biz. The guitars are crunchy but safe, the production adequate but dull, the cover non-offensive and the voclas lack passion or intensity in any form. They delivered eleven radio friendly songs which really shows where Anders head is at much to the chagrin of the Metal community at large.

But hey! Who am I to judge? They produced a peppy little alternative album and fans of I Mother Earth and various major label, nu-metal rock acts will really enjoy. Most of the rest of the metal fans should avoid this.
Track Listing

1. In Reverse
2. In My Head
3. For You
4. Just The Same
5. Carnival Diaries
6. Circus
7. Rain
8. Circles
9. I Die Slowly
10. Used
11. Eyes Of My Mind


Anders Friden-Vocals
Niclas Englin-Guitars
Hakan Skoger-Bass
Patrik J. Sten-Drums



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