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Party Cannon
Perverse Party Platter
August 2017
Released: 2017, Gore House Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Who says you can’t enjoy the breakdowns, bong hits and balloons at the same time?

Despite a colorful logo and a penchant for party favors, Party Cannon isn’t a novelty act. Sure, maybe the silly visuals and ridiculous song titles are used to grab your attention, but the substance of their material is as socially conscious as anything you’d expect to hear from Phobia or Insect Warfare.

Except with more confetti.

Singlehandedly spearheading the ‘Party Slam’ genre, Scottish miscreants Party Cannon match equal parts brutality with socially conscious subject matter on their latest EP, PERVERSE PARTY PLATTER. Guttural cookie monster growls, blast beats, token harmonic squeals, and general viscera spread across these five tracks with intestine wrapped abandon, and any of these five new tracks could go head to head with the likes of Disgorge or Devourment. And neither of those bands enjoy birthday cake the way that Party Cannon does. Skull splitters like “Fornicating in Ethically Sourced Fair Trade Chocolate” and the inspirational “Keg Crusher” are standouts in a room full of prom queens, but the entirety of PERVERSE PARTY PLATTER is an all around good time.

Dismiss Party Cannon as a goof and you'll be missing out on some excellent death metal. Besides, the prospects of being impaled in the chest by a bong or being duct taped to a flagpole are much scarier and more likely than being devoured by cannibal zombie ghouls. Make sure you write a thank you card and prepare yourself for the Partypocalypse.
Track Listing

1. Everyone is Still Dead to Me
2. Soft, White, Gelatinous Body
3. Fornicating in Ethically Sourced Fair Trade Chocolate
4. Keg Crusher
5. Partypocalypse


Chris "Prey" Ryan - Bass
Craig Robinson – Lead Guitar
Stony - Vocals
Martin Gazur - Drums
Mike McLaughlin – Rhythm Guitar

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